Stumped for Father's Day? Grit's got a curated list of great gift ideas.

2 Trevors. One Music Farm.

Your weekly breakdown of the most dramatic season ever.

Much to the annoyance of my friends. fatherhood has rekindled an old love of mine: photography.

Though Father's Day has come and gone, you don't have to wait another year to spoil your pops. Whip him up this versatile, delicious brunch recipe inspired by my own father's go-to breakfast

Plus: "Theo, your mother sent me up here to kill you." Vintage TV dads, some new ones, too, and their memorable quotes

... Or am I lying to myself? IS there life in rock and roll after becoming a father? Here's what my fellow dad-friends and I have figured out so far...

What do men REALLY want? I've got an all-star (sort of...) panel of dads to tell you—hilarious answers, and some useful ones too (hints: beer, music, homemade stuff, beer, done)

Starting June 1. Predictions, plus the similarly frightening Cat 5 weather system brewing in my house. Break out the radar maps, chain saws, and plywood, and let the season commence...

She hit the elf on the head... ahem, the NAIL on the head. With the dizzying amount of holiday prep required of most households, is it okay to leave Santa's high-maintenance helpers out in the cold?

So, I know that he's supposed to bring my clan holiday happiness and cheer—but this elf guy gives me the creeps. And I'm busy enough already, thanks. What about you? Do you elf it?

Though I'm fairly certain this piece will get me fired from Grit (and my wife has advised strongly against it), here it is... Six real-clear thoughts on breast-feeding in today's culture

Dad's Day has come and gone, but this super-cool and affordable closet organizer would make a great gift for your man (or you!) any day of the year....

This blog got us all choked up just in time for Sunday's salute to dads everywhere—this is one post we hope makes the rounds and back again. Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's Day this weekend, a good time to remember all the how-a-boy-becomes-a-man things my dad taught me, watch my son learn them, and challenge other dads to get in the game