Father's Day: Shop local for the best gifts

Stumped for Father's Day? Grit's got a curated list of great gift ideas.

Father’s Day is around the corner and for all of us, it’s a brain buster. What do you get for the guy who has everything? How do you accurately say here is an object to show you how glad I am that you not only put up with me during my teenage years but spent hours teaching me how to drive stick when it should have taken about 20 minutes?

(The author, Maggie Lott, pictured with her dad)

I don’t know about y’all but my dad, in particular, is the worst to shop for. He not only will buy himself anything he wants but I kid you not, once gave me money, showed me what to get him, and waited as I bought it. Luckily, here in Charleston, we have a bunch of local shops where you can find something for any type of dad.

Henry and Eva

If you have not been to Henry and Eva, I highly suggest you stop what you are doing, and go now. This store has become my go-to place to shop for all the men in my life. They have something for just about everyone. The types of products they sell range from coffee cups with hilarious phrases on them to outdoor survival gear. Here are a few ideas for every type of dad:

  • For the Outdoorsy Dad: A few things to help him enjoy nature in style. This group of gifts will have him set. Pictured is some notebooks, a special edition Father’s Day knife, a handmade book bag to keep everything in and a shady hat.

  • Help Dad Dress in Style: If your dad is already a snappy dresser or needs to update his wardrobe, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • For the Funny Dad: There are some dads who have a killer sense of humor and like to share that with the world. What first drew me to Henry and Eva is their products with a fantastic sense of humor that were perfect for my husband, who makes me laugh every day. You can pick from socks to coffee mugs or notebooks to help them get their personality across.

  • Up Dad’s Shaving Game: While modern technology has gotten shaving down to a quick science, something can be said about the beauty of the older tools. Henry and Eva has what you need to bump up dad’s shaving game a few points as well as a beautiful bag to hold it all.

The Coastal Cupboard

Next on my list is The Coastal Cupboard. While it’s easy to think of this as a place for some of the best wedding gifts, if your dad loves to cook, I would suggest giving this store a try. They have the top brands like Le Creuset and Big Green Egg but if those are out of your price range, they have other items as well.

Top on the list for dad from Coastal Cupboard is a way to get his steaks perfect every time. Meater has an ingenious tool that lets you see your steak from your smartphone. Priced at $69.99, you can set your temp and relax as your steak is grilled to perfection. In the same vein, all pun intended, is a cute and useful Frogmore Stew Deveiner. When you do purchase, for $27.99, you will also be giving back. They plant 10 sq ft of oyster habitat!

Does your dad enjoy his spirits? A great combo is their Barrel Aged Spirits Kit ($19.99) and Corkcicle Cigar Glass ($24.99). If you are still not sure, just ask their friendly employees! They always have great ideas for any type of dad and in any kind of budget.

Thinking Outside the Box

If your dad is more about experiences than gifts, you can always go that route too. You can get a gift certificate to almost any outdoor activity. A top one is golf. There are several golf courses in the area, one of the top ones being Patriots Point. Give him the gift of a few blissful hours on the golf course and if you golf as well, make it an afternoon for the both of y’all.

Another fun idea would be a kayak tour. Most of them take off from Shem Creek and they take you out and around the creeks of Mount Pleasant. Also, consider a black water kayak tour. These meet further inland and take you along the creeks by the old plantations. It’s a whole new way to get the history of the area.

Be sure and shop local for this year for Father’s Day from one of these amazing stores or local experiences!