June 14, 2013

Instant Grit

The Blog of the Week is... Why I Want a TV Dad by Rebeccah ConnellyShe laid out a list of aftershock-like habits she picked up from years with a not-so-hot dad, and it occurred to us... Well, writing something this raw and candid takes guts. A hefty measure of bravery. Self-assurance. Dare we say strength? The irony is that this writer may not have gotten those qualities from her dad, but she's got them, alright. And that's something to celebrate. Cheers, Rebeccah!


Here's a Grit Father's Day bonus: Rebeccah listed a few TV dads. Here's a rundown of some favorite (vintage!) small-screen fathers, plus some newer ones, too. Happy Father's Day!


Heathcliff Huxtable 

Theo, your mother asked me to come up here and kill you. 


Steven Keaton


Steven: Alex, parents are conditioned to put up with a few minor accidents when they leave their children home alone. A broken vase, spilt milk on the rug... There was a kangaroo... in my living room.
Alex P. Keaton: ...He was just here for the party, dad.
Steven: Then I guess I'm overreacting.



Al Bundy


I work in a shoe store, I make less than minimum wage, and yet I'm not happy to be home.



Fred Sanford


Lamont Sanford: You're a dirty old man, ya know that?

Fred Sanford: And I'm gonna be one 'till I'm a dead old man.


Mike Brady


Carol: Oh, Mike! Why don't we just put it off until you decide which doctor?

Mike: At this point I'd SETTLE for a witch doctor.


George Bluth Sr.


[discussing Gob's bachelor party] 

Gob: Dad, you are gonna love this woman. 
George Sr.: Well, I'm paying her enough, but she's a hell of a stripper. 
Gob: No, I meant my wife. 
George Sr.: Oh. No, I doubt that very much. 


Peter Griffin


You'd better watch who you're calling a child, Lois. Because if I'm a child, you know what that makes you? A Pedophile. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna be lectured by a pervert.