East Forest + Trevor Hall

Jeanne Everett

I have long been a fan of Trevor Hall's mindfulness music so when I heard he was coming to town, I had to attend and get the grit. His opening act, East Forest, is also one of my new favorites (no joke!).


These two musicians are the perfect combo of music that I can listen to while working, working out, relaxing at home or enjoying drinks by the water with friends. Music like that is hard to come by and when you find it, you must share it.

Everyone has ups and downs in life but it's those moments that we do something with them that make an impact on our whole lives. It's like a domino affect - one move and the next moves are made. In this case, music was and is continually

made with the cycles of life, relationships, love and personal growth. It's these life changes, where one door closes and another one opens, that East Forest found himself exploring what life has to offer with open arms and ears. Formally known by his real name,

Trevor Oswalt which in German translates to the name, East Forest. It was in 2008 when East Forest's journey started while living in Manhattan. One door closed and he saw maybe a few more opening. East Forest decided on exploring and found himself backpacking in the Adirondacks.

He then found himself on spiritual paths leading him to places like Peru and opening doors to indigenous music and cultures. Little did he know, this would lead him in the perfect path for his life. He felt music being pulled at his heartstrings and started to organically create music.

Being from Oregon, East Forest always had a natural pull towards nature and its wonders. It brings a certain humbleness to his life and to his music. Just listening to his latest album, Cairn, you hear the relaxing electro-pop music that makes you feel from the heart and soul. It's soothing yet

upbeat yet humble, just like his personality. When talking with him about his latest album and tour (which is also with Trevor Hall + 30+ cities), he told me how this album flowed from his divorce that made him dig deep in sadness, grief and just society as a whole. He dug deep in the sadness and realized that there is also fullness within when one is sad and this can be turned into a beautiful guide. Which in his case, turned into his beautiful music. Seriously ya'll, I am such a fan now. It is the perfect sound to listen to while working, working out or just hanging with some friends.


The talented musician is opening up with Trevor Hall and will continue their 30+ cities tour! To buy tickets or see the tour schedule, click here.


Trevor Hall, who also is one of my longtime favorite musicians. He has created this mystical vibrational music that sets your soul at ease and on fire at the same time.


Trevor was raisd on an island in South Carolina and realized at a young age that music is his passion and life. He would find out that that feeling was the truth - music was his calling. Read my interview with him below:

1) I know you started young playing instruments and such but at what moment did you realize that this was your passion and calling? 
It’s hard to think of music as my passion because it's so inseparable from my life. 
It’s more than a passion, or a calling— it’s my every day and it’s always been my everyday. 
2) How did you get your break into music? 
My dad surprised me for my 16th birthday by letting me record my own CD in his friend's recording studio. 
We sent that album to friends allover the place and one of those friends was my dads best friend who lived in Los Angeles. 
He was the one who convinced me to play a show in LA. 
He got me the gig and invited various people from the business to come and check me out. That was my first introduction to the business at the age of seventeen. 
3) What's been your biggest influence in music?
For me, it’s a mix of folk, rock, reggae, and other things. My biggest influences growing up were Bob Marley and Ben Harper. They’re kind of like the roots for me. But in high school, I was really influenced by a lot of alternative music like Bjork, Radiohead, and a lot of hip-hop. 
4) I know you're from Hilton Head Island and being from the South then living in LA, where is home for you? Do you consider yourself South Carolinian? 
I think traveling so much, allover the world, you really have to treat everywhere as your home.
It's really hard for me to say where exactly my home is. If anything, the road has taught me to not be attached to where you are, or who you’re meeting because everything changes and everything moves, and you just have to adapt with the times. 
My home is where I’m at in this moment. 
5) I heard you have been in India. Tell us more about that.
I was being taught music in a very relaxed and loving family environment with a ball musician who kind of adopted me as his own son. I think the word “training” comes with a little bit of a strict vibe to it, and serious commitment, whereas my experience was very relaxed, simple, and loving— and in my teachers living room. 
6) How many and which instruments do you play?
My main instrument is the guitar. As a kid, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to play. I would change my mind almost every day. But when I figured out that I wanted to write music and express myself in that way, the guitar was kind of like a go to. I started playing it consistently around 12 years old. 

7) How do you start writing a song? What does that process look like?

The music-making process for me is a process of getting out of my own way and listening. Music is the only thing that I don’t try and figure out. That’s why it’s so refreshing to me. It just comes through and I listen. That’s it. I could be in a stale hotel room or I could be in the most beautiful place on earth … I never know when it will come through. It usually starts with a melody or tune that I hear and then the words fall in after that. But again, there is no one process for me. It is only listening. 
8) Where has been your favorite place to perform? Why?
I would say my favorite places to perform are in smaller environments that are spontaneous and not scheduled.
There are a certain magic and intimacy that happens, where you can connect more easily with people. 
9) I know you have performed with Michael Franti, Ziggy Marley, and other famous names. Who has been your favorite artist to perform with? 
I can't say I have a favorite artist. I’ve learned so many things from each one of them, that in my mind it wouldn’t be fair to choose a favorite artist.
They’ve all been teachers and guides, in different ways, and I acknowledge and am grateful for all the lessons each one has provided for me. 
10) Favorite vacation spot and why?
India— because it feels like home. 
11) Favorite food?
12) What are various hobbies people don't know that you like to do?
My interests usually surround my spiritual life and finding different ways to express it like painting, reading, and going on trips to other countries. 
13) How do you spend your free time?
Most of my free time is spent restoring from the road. 
14) What's your favorite song off the new album? 
It kind of changes depending on my mood. I really like Up There, because of the situation it was inspired by, and how the song brings me back to that exact moment and keeps that moment alive in my heart. That’s why I really love that song. (Releases Nov 17) 
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