2 Trevors. One Music Farm.

Why dance is the ultimate therapy

I couldn't start the New Year without paying tribute to the old.

Artist and activist Melinda Mead Scharstein celebrates her first solo exhibit, boiled peanuts, and Trans* Love Fund, whose ladies' arm-wrestling tournament is this Thursday, December 18, at Tin Roof.

Papadosio is a band well worth a listen. They literally have music down to a science and know exactly how to push all your right buttons. Here's a recap from their tour stop here in Chucktown.

Is happy hour is THE time to shine around here? Here are your top excuses for not circulating, and why each is a load of crap—and killing your chances of landing a job

Love at first sight. Jealousy. Fidelity. I can't live without you. One rose. Seven roses. Be sure the flowers you give her—or him—say what you mean, because like it or not, these stems speak volumes

This one speaks for itself today—the one-week anniversary of the Newtown tragedy. We're grieving and mourning those children lost, yet still celebrating this season and the story of The Child

When words are inadequate and the ache is deep, amidst prayers for peace and sanity and gun control and more sanity, some Kiwi kids offer this... to help celebrate the season of the child

Post Hunger Games, I'm coming clean—reading it was not only a wildly entertaining step into the genre, but prompted my very own fiction renaissance, just in time for prime beach reading season