THE #BachelorBreakdown: WEEK 8

Molly Wickham



We return to another week of bachelor lovin’. Will Nick end up on all four hometown dates? Who will the brunette from Nick’s past be? Is anybody listening to me? 


Bachelor nation—we have four girls left. Naturally, we assume these will be the four that will all get hometown dates, but at this point- who knows what’s going to happen. As the girls all sit around nervously talking about what’s going to happen next, Nick waltz into the room with four roses. The girls can all breath knowing they aren’t going home...well they kind of are, but you get what I’m saying. The rose ceremony takes place while everyone is sitting on the couch in sweats. That would literally be me every rose ceremony if I were The Bachelorette. Nick hands out all the roses and adds the line that he's especially excited to go to Miami and meet Racquel. I think Nick kept Corinne around this long is just to meet her nanny.


First hometown date is in Hoxie, AR with Raven’s family! Raven rolls up on a four wheeler. She says the only things to do in Hoxie are going muddin’, frog giggin’, and to climb to the top of a grain bin to share all your secrets with someone you really like. Just as they get to the top of the bin, the county sheriff pulls up. What are the odds that the only car on this road is a cop? Just as the cops start to grill him, we learn it’s actually Raven’s older brother.


Close call, since we all thought they were actually about to go to jail. We then cut to the two four wheeling and muddin’ out in the middle of a field and I have never missed living in Ohio so much. I’m trying to convince myself that Nick is going to pick Raven in the long run since she’s by far my favorite now, but I just don’t see him being with someone so country. Finally, we get to meet the rest of Raven’s family. We learned earlier in the season that Raven’s dad was actually diagnosed with cancer before she came on the show.


On tonight’s episode, Raven’s mom shares the important news that Raven’s dad is cancer free!! While Nick talks to Raven’s dad, he kind of hints around if Raven ends up with the final rose, will her dad give him the approval of them being together. “I didn’t expect to like you”, says Raven’s dad. I guess in The Bachelor world that means he approves? Before Nick leaves, Raven plans to tell Nick that she loves him, but chickens out. It’s like every girl thinks she needs to tell Nick ILY in order for him to pick her.

Next stop is in Dallas with Rachel’s family. Now if you’re a bachelor watcher you know how into Rachel Nick is. You probably also know that it was announced that Rachel will be next season's bachelorette. I’m interested to see how bad this date goes or what the hell happens for her not to make it to the end. Her father isn’t in attendance for Nick’s visit, but the rest of her family fills his spot with some serious questioning. Honestly, there’s nothing much to report on this hometown visit. I was hoping there would be some kind of fight with Rachel’s dad, but nothing more than everyone’s concern with the whole racial dating situation. It’s 2017, people.

We arrive in Miami, for Corinne’s hometown. Corinne takes Nick on a “day in the life of Corinne” date, which consists of going shopping. Just what every guy wants to do on a date. Although Corinne gets a majority of the stuff for herself, she also gets Nick 'Miamified' to meet her parents. She drops three months of my rent on his outfit and I’m physically crying on the inside. They head to lunch and for some reason Corinne thinks this is an appropriate place to tell Nick that she loves him.


What a romantic and intimate place to say those words for the first time- a mall food court. 

We’re about to meet her parents when oh my god, Corinne’s dad is literally Jon Lovitz. The two are literally twins. Her mom looks nothing like what I expected and the younger sister looks like a mini Corinne. We finally get to meet Racquel! As Racquel serves the family dinner, Corinne mentions how the rest of the girls all judged her for having a nanny still. Corinne’s mom can’t believe it and tells us that Racquel is part of the family and there are so many things she couldn’t do without her i.e. pour her own wine.


The group splits off into doubles so they can all chat a little better. Corinne’s dad asks if she thinks she has a future with this boy when Corinne tells him she told Nick earlier that she loved him. Daddy does not approve of that, but it’s ok because she’s been dating him for 1.5 months. He’s worried that once all this bachelor craze is over, will she want to stick around aka be with Nick once everyone forgets who he is.

Last on the hometown tour- Montreal with Vanessa! First stop on the date is to Vanessa’s classroom. Vanessa teaches special education back in Canada and seeing her student’s faces light up literally melts my heart. Coworkers are crying, students are crying, I’m crying- such specials moments for everyone. Vanessa and Nick work with her students to make a scrapbook of all their moments together on the show so far. I’m starting to warm up a little to Vanessa. Then we meet her family and wow- Vanessa’s family is veryyyy protective. They are all quizzing Nick on things like “what’s next after the show?” and “are you moving to Montreal if you pick Vanessa?”. Like tbh, he’s probably not even allowed to talk about those things yet. Mainly because if he does, Vanessa will automatically think she is the winner. Like he did to all the other fathers on the hometown dates, Nick asks her dad if he approves of them being together once the show is over. And things turn awkward way fast. Vanessa’s dad doesn’t understand how and why Nick could ask all four dads for their blessing. Vanessa’s dad tells her Nick asked for his blessing and she lights up. As always, she assumes that he only asked her dad that question. When she finds out that Nick actually asked all the dad’s for approval, she gets pissed that he should know by now if he wants to be with her. Ok Vanessa, he can’t just tell the other girls “see ya, I want to be with her”?! I really started to like Vanessa at the beginning of this date, but then I am reminded why she’s not my top pick. Very confident in her and Nick’s relationship and starts to “question” him when he does something that reminds her he’s actually on a show dating multiple women. I'm over her.

We head back to the US for tonight’s rose ceremony in Brookyln. The girl’s all start arriving and getting ready for the ceremony and we FINALLY get to know who the mystery brunette that knocks on Nick’s hotel door is. We see the limo pull up and I’m convinced it’s Andi. The door opens, who will it be…a crying Vanessa! WHAT!? Is she here to break up with him? We see footsteps heading to the door and hear Vanessa’s voiceover talking about how she doesn’t know this and that, blah blah. We see the brunette knock on the door. Nick opens the door to what we think will be a crying Vanessa. Nope, it’s actually Andi. I KNEW IT! What does she want!?!

Will she become a fifth love interest? Is she here to just offer some love advice? Now we wait a week to find out because damn you ABC, we ran out of time.