Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Marry in Mount Pleasant

Instant Grit

The celeb news spotlight’s shining on Mount P today. By now you've heard the buzz—big-time hottie Ryan Reynolds and the equally becoming Blake Lively tied the night last night in a hush-hush ceremony at Boone Hall Plantation. But which local brought the Big Day to life? We've got FRESH new details on their Cotton Dock wedding, including which GRIT blogger planned the bash and who served up the fancy creamed corn...


Here are a few super-local details, just confirmed: Local event planner (and Grit blogger) Tara Guérard planned the wedding. And one of the guests in attendance, Peninsula Grill's Executive Chef Graham Dailey (who was there with his photographer-girlfriend Brianna Stello), cooked up 15 quarts of truffled cream corn and fashioned a multi-tiered cheese tower for the couple. He also—of course—brought a Peninsula Grill coconut cake to the fete, too.


Now that we've shared some specifics, let's back up a bit...


Reportedly, word of the wedding was first chirped by Charleston’s own 95SX on Twitter last night, and since, E! News, People, InStyle, and other national outlets have been quick to confirm.


95SX's news-breaking tweet. 



Lively and Reynolds' reception was said to have been held outdoors under a white-topped tent, unfolding as so many Lowcountry weddings do… until, of course, Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine and Bette Midler both took the stage to sing at the reception.


Prior to this weekend, the bride and groom—who hail from L.A. and Vancouver, respectively—have been spotted about town a few times this year, seen dining at SNOB and Peninsula Grill, and eating gelato near Waterfront Park in February. Perhaps a bit of Big Day planning went down during one of the trips, too? Regardless, congrats to the newlyweds! And here's a little more...


Anyone have any celeb spottings this past weekend or today? If so, let's hear them.


Photo credit: Getty Images