The Best Deals In Charleston's Restaurants: Tuesday.

Diana Barton


The Macintosh Bacon Happy Hour


The terms “bacon” and “happy hour” are two of my favorites. Put them together and what do you get? Pure joy. Tuesday night at The Macintosh serves up some of the best pork (and poultry) dishes I’ve eaten in my life, never mind the fact that they are only five dollars each. Happy hour is only served at the bar, so I grab a seat, and get my night started with one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails. 


I inquire about the bartender’s favorite concoction. A Paloma Flower it is. The perfect drink to welcome warmer weather, the Paloma Flower is a light, summery, and refreshing drink. Also on the happy hour menu, the drink is only five dollars. A mix of tequila, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lime, grapefruit, and a basil leaf on top is just the beginning of my unsuspected culinary awakening that follows. 



(Shout-out to the bartender who was not-so-quietly making fun of me for taking a picture of my cocktail. Who’s laughing now?)

On the menu. 

The bartender explains that the five-dollar dishes are small plates, or appetizer sized, so you better believe I try all three. The Macintosh likes to use all of what they have and to reduce waste, so plates are crafted according to what ingredients are leftover from the regular menu items. Items being offered on the menu include a pork dip, confit duck wings, and lettuce wraps. 


Double dipping. 

Roasted pork shoulder and caramelized onions on a baguette made earlier that day at the Butcher and Bee bakery (where the restaurant gets all of their starchy needs fulfilled) is reminiscent of a traditional French dip, but exponentially better. The pork jus dipping sauce is made from the drippings of the very same meat (delivered fresh that day) used in the sandwich, creating a savory, meaty, melt-in-your-mouth bite. However, since the sandwich is a small plate, it was quickly scarfed down and another one was promptly ordered. 




Winging it. 

Hot honey garlic glazed barbecue confit duck wings. It may not be anywhere near bacon, but I sure am thankful it is on the happy hour menu. Sweet, sticky duck wings are just what the doctor ordered for some good-for-the-soul, down-home fine dining. Personally, I have never been a huge wings fan, and duck was not something I ordered on the menu, but branching out to try this yummy hybrid was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Wondering how poultry made its way onto the bacon menu? The Macintosh features other parts of duck on their menu and likes to use all parts of what they’re cooking with in order to reduce waste. 



It’s a wrap.

Lastly, I indulge in lettuce wraps stuffed with shredded pork, pickled red onion, kimchi and sambal aioli. I decide to go full force with each of the ingredients, stuffing as much as I can into one lettuce leaf. One bite has me in love as I enjoy so many flavors that complement the pork so perfectly. I could order two more plates of this dish if it weren’t for the fact that I am so stuffed from the two previous dishes. Although it’s a hard choice, if I had to pick one out of the three I’ve tried, the lettuce wraps would be the winner. 




I did not eat all three of these dishes solo. They are best split between two people, making for satisfied customers all around. 


Monday-Friday, 5-7 pm