Tradd's begins dinner service on East Bay Street

Charleston Grit enjoyed a sneak peek into Tradd's, Charleston's newest fine-dining establishment on the corner of East Bay and Queen Streets. Guests are in for an exquisite experience when doors open to the public.


By Robin Gibson


If I had access to only one word to describe the feeling upon entering Tradd's, this is it. My first impression walking through the doors was that of a space that is simply impeccable. The attention to detail, every inch from floor to ceiling, is dripping with elegance and sophistication.

Flanking a curved wall at the back of the main dining area is a life-size mural packing every bit of glitzy emotion the piece is meant to invoke on the room. Think 1940's rat pack supper club with glorious pops of color. Locals will recognize the location as that of the former Cypress restaurant, but the interior of this newcomer bears little resemblance to its longtime predecessor. The two-story restaurant retains both floors, but dining service is now exclusively downstairs with upstairs reserved as an event space with its own separate kitchen and bar--and built-in AV equipment hidden in the walls.

Back downstairs, immediately to the right of the main entrance is the elevator and staircase leading to the second floor. A quick glance to the left offers a glimpse of the stunning dining room outfitted with green and leopard print seating while straight ahead takes you to two separate and distinct bar areas ready to greet and entertain with cocktails and champagne.

A corner table in the front of the dining room provides, perhaps, one of the best and most iconic views of historic downtown Charleston from a large picturesque window: the corner of East Bay and Queen Street.

Chef Drew Hedlund heads up a kitchen that will no doubt wow patrons with his modern take on American dishes. Romance, glamour, style, and refinement are all descriptors to accompany impeccable. See for yourself and decide how you would characterize the fine-dining establishment when it opens its doors to the public and begins dinner service tonight.