Charleston Grit enjoyed a sneak peek into Tradd's, Charleston's newest fine-dining establishment on the corner of East Bay and Queen Streets. Guests are in for an exquisite experience when doors open to the public.

It's time for the latest installment in Charleston's best drama.

Sex toy parties more interesting than Mary Kay parties

In the first issue of "Meta Mag," local artists and poets explore the theme of mental illness.

Not sure what to get your lady friend for Cupid's infamous special day for lovers? Don't pay too much at the florist. Instead, take our heartfelt advice—we know what she wants.

Review and thoughts about PURE Theatre's production of David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize winner Glengarry Glen Ross, which runs January 23–February 14.

Local 616 owner Dwayne Mitchell, recently voted Charleston's best bartender, speaks out on how we hook up.

A little cheesecake for the holidays

Bring back the days when a duck was a duck. And lamb was a sheep and not a sheep in wolves' clothing. Now, as an avid food-label reader, I am learning that less is best!

Join our favorite foodie Ann Kaufman on her Charleston Culinary Tour, an historical walking tours combined with one of its favorite pastimes - eating.

In my first blog for Grit and debut post in my "Why Is No One Talking About..." series, I drink coffee with a local comedian and guess what? Laughter ensues. Check it out...

Anchovies, Texas Pete, oscillating fans—over the past quarter-century my husband's succeeded in making me accept many things he likes. His latest mission? Scary vampire movies. Here's what happened...

Have a soft spot for this time of year, with its hearts and romance and love-inspired everything? You can roll that right into your home, too—here's 20+ romantic design ideas

Fleetwood Mac's 62-year-old Lindsey Buckingham gave an energetic and passionate solo performance at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center last Saturday, taking me back to my rock roots

After my Rum Stroll at Middleton Place last night where I sipped with the best of them, I can offer you a brief—if slightly scandalous—history of the good-time drink's role in Charleston's history

The heat plus this summer's steamy releases might well leave you sweating it, but why not grab a glass of iced tea and cool off with some Southern euphemisms and a real-life romance novel blunder

Seriously, there's got to be something better you can do with your time than reading this. And yet, you're gonna probably do it anyway

Two reality shows later, these former "Bachelor," "Bachelorette" contestants (... rejects) have found true love, tying the knot here in the Lowcountry

Post Hunger Games, I'm coming clean—reading it was not only a wildly entertaining step into the genre, but prompted my very own fiction renaissance, just in time for prime beach reading season

Cancel your plans, it’s time to sink into summer reading—and by "summer reading" I do mean "smutty erotic fiction" in the form of E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey