We used Pantone's Color of the Year to inspire a get-ready-for-summer cocktail party—here are our five picks for pulling it together

The guy who clicks LIKE when your husband leaves you, the unabashed narcissists, the Toddlers & Tiaras parents... Here it is, the TOP 5 things nobody wants to see on Facebook, but already has...

Why are we showing the world our food? What UNIVERSE are we in with all the "selfies?" I emailed 20 or 30 people and asked what they consider the worst offenses. Here's the first, horrifying half:

She hit the elf on the head... ahem, the NAIL on the head. With the dizzying amount of holiday prep required of most households, is it okay to leave Santa's high-maintenance helpers out in the cold?

So, I know that he's supposed to bring my clan holiday happiness and cheer—but this elf guy gives me the creeps. And I'm busy enough already, thanks. What about you? Do you elf it?

With just $12 and a bit of PINsperation, you can have yourself a new man! A new front door snowman, that is. Isn't he festive?!

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In honor of National Library Week, and of our local Superheros—the fabulous, under-celebrated, always-resourceful librarians—our first "Meet your Librarian" profile, starring Jennifer Hawes

After reading this I am deleting my Pinterest account... NEVER, no way. But you sure can bet I am Pinning and Proceeding with caution