A Lunch Date with the Royal American

Betsey Geier

Although The Royal American is known for its 32-ounce punches served in a souvenir stadium cup, live music, and parking lot festivals, it recently expanded its kitchen. Just last week, the neighborhood bar and restaurant opened its doors for lunch.

The menu offers a variety of dishes ranging from a Pharmacy Burger to a Grilled Chili Dog to a Steak & Potato.

“We touch on regional, classically American dishes,” John Kenny, the owner and operator, said. 

He wants his guests to feel like they are eating a true American classic. The chef, Chad Colburn, elevates these simple, straightforward dishes to something similar, but tastier than what you would find at a roadside diner.

The Pharmacy Burger, for example, is a nod to burgers served at pharmacy counters and diners across the country. It's just a double-patty with American cheese, but by using high-quality ingredients, the result is a fresh and delicious bite. The Royal American even serves its 10-ounce beers in a soda fountain glass. Now, they’re even serving their canned wine this way – and for only $8!

Loco Moco with canned Rose/photograph by Sarah Westmoreland 

On The Menu

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with Coleslaw/photograph by Sarah Westmoreland 

The Chicken Cutlet is lightly fried and served with Duke’s Mayo, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Kaiser Roll. This fried-chicken sandwich isn’t greasy. By using simple ingredients, The Royal American keeps the flavors rich, but not overpowering.

Loco Moco with an Aperol Spritz/photograph by Sarah Westmoreland 

Another popular dish, the Loco Moco, comes from Hawaii. The legend and origin of Loco Moco is up for debate, but one thing is certain, it is the ultimate comfort food. It consists of a beef patty, served on top of steamed rice, scallions and crispy onions and topped with a fried egg and brown gravy.

If fried chicken or steak and gravy aren’t your thing, help yourself to something on the lighter side.

TRA Chopped Salad/photograph by Sarah Westmoreland

The TRA Chopped Salad is another classic dish with eggs, scallions, tomatoes, cucumbers and bacon served over a bed of chopped romaine lettuce and topped with sour cream and dill dressing.

Great American Dishes

The menu items represent American food at its best: hotdogs, hamburgers, and baked pimento cheese dip. 

There is the Muffaletta, which is a traditional New Orleans dish and Music City "Hot" Shimp, which hails from Nashville. 

Owner and operator, John Kenny/photograph by Sarah Westmoreland 

The Philly Cheesesteak tastes just like it was transported from the city itself. Since Kenny is from that area, he knows what a good Philly Cheesesteak should taste like.

The Fried Bologna Sandwich is a favorite, and remained on the menu because of its popularity.

The Magic Wings are cooked to crispy perfection and seasoned with chicken magic. Just squeeze a lime over these dry-rub wings and you’ve got a treat!

The Royal American serves lunch every day starting at 11 a.m.  | Next up at The Royal American is Secret Guest performing for a live album recording on June 14 and 15.