I'll show you how to "condition" cut flowers so they live longer. Also, the bouquet I made right from the flowers in my garden—try it!

After years of sleepovers and thunderstorm terror and charming texts, here we are. A look back, plus a nickel's worth of wisdom for tackling the world on the other side of those 16 Candles...

Looking for a clever centerpiece for the table? Learn to make this Creeping Jenny "chocolate cake," complete with white fill icing

Ready to whip together a lively brunch this Sunday? I've got your quick list of what you need (really, these five things have you covered!)

Hundreds of Charleston "rogue runners" are playing hooky from work today in a "black ops marathon" that omits red tape, adds three bridges, and includes plenty of beer on Folly

This blogger's terrifically fun posts have offered us enough warm-weather eye candy, we've been able to get our seasons on straight again—from beach days to hot-as-blazes nights on the town...

Not the sort of place you typically visit when you don't have to, but a beautiful camellia bush beckoned me toward the church's graveyard this weekend. Read on for the spring treasures I found there

Indian Hawthorn, camellias, Swiss chard... I did these three arrangements for a recent party. This is definitely the way to go for easy arranging without running up a big floral bill

With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I figured it was time to talk Irish music: (jigs? reels?). I sat down the co-owners of the venerable Park Circle pub, who just celebrated its 10th anniversary

Love at first sight. Jealousy. Fidelity. I can't live without you. One rose. Seven roses. Be sure the flowers you give her—or him—say what you mean, because like it or not, these stems speak volumes

With Charleston Fashion Week only two months away, the semi-finalists for the Emerging Designer Competition are revving up their collections. Check out some photos from the big sneak peek party

Find these—mini cups of hot cocoa, easy-yet-elegant candle embellishments, and place cards that double as take-home ornaments—here, in Part Two of my holiday entertaining inspiration

Are you just going to stick with the same old routine, same rules, same boundaries? Just imagine what you could do if you kicked away your comfort zone (one small nudge at a time...)

Part One of my holiday entertaining inspiration is here: I've got good-looking tabletop ideas like mini-souffles, velvet-wrapped menu cards, and more. What will YOU do with your holiday table?

Do you know which holiday your cactus likes to celebrate? Read on for the tools you need to decide if you should buy it some cranberry sauce, garland, or jelly beans

Here's how we're getting ready for Halloween at my house—just a simple front-door idea the kids love

August is a good time to get started…. Interested? Here are a few things you need to know about time commitment, what to buy, when to sow, and more

Check out this brilliant banana blossom and a bounty of fruit, spotted on the upper peninsula

August is seeding time for winter gardens—here are my six picks for growing cool-weather stunners

Here are some great tips and tricks for growing the Southern stunners, plus a neat DIY and a bouquet using just the blooms outside my door