Now Blooming: 3 Arrangements You Can Easily Pull Together

Joan McDonald

What's blooming now? I'll show you... I made these arrangements together for a gathering this past weekend. Each one is slightly different to keep it interesting, but the bases are the same to unify the overall look. Using the Lowcountry classic camellia and the easy-to-grow filler shrub Indian Hawthorn, along with a few added annuals, makes this easy to pull together. And growing your own or buying in-season flowers is a great way to cut costs. Enjoy!


Swiss chard, camellia, Indian Hawthorn, stock


Sweet Pea, calendula, stock, Swiss chard, camellia, Indian Hawthorn, Linaria

Snapdragon, camellia, Indian Hawthorn, stock, Swiss chard
Here's a little more info about the blooms I used:

Stock: This full-sun annual is easy to grow from seed, and it's a good addition for light fragrance.


Swiss chard: This shiny green-leaf edible adds a stripe of color and gives a large green background to offset blooms.


Snapdragon: This annual is a great cut flower addition. It comes in dwarf varieties and a wide range of colors. Plus, its ability to hold up in arrangements is superb.


Sweet Pea:  A delicate cool-season annual, this one is a beautiful trailer in the garden and easily sown by seed; it works great in arrangements and like stock, adds a mild fragrance.


Calendula: This edible flower is frequently used for making tea, but don't overlook its potential in a bouquet.


Linaria:  The little flower resembles a miniature snapdragon and adds a smaller scale to the overall arrangement.