April 26, 2013

Instant Grit

Desmond Kinlaw's five-part "Spring's Essential Trends" series offered just the reminders we needed, didn't it?


For instance, we always appreciate a reminder to the gents to take a risk. To amp it up. To approach the warmer months with a surprise here and there...

Part 1: Novelty Shirts

Grit Fave: This periwinkle patterned number by Banana Republic


... And we needed the reminder that when it's time to hit the sand, hey, we live here—it's our job to own it. Not flounce around in messy basketball shorts like some dude crawling out of his smelly spring break hotel room. We set the bar.


Part 2: Man Trunks

Grit Fave: These 14-inch shorts by Sundek 


...That play is an essential rite of passage to Charleston this season, and flip flops aren't the answer to everything. Remember your roots. What did you put on when it was time to go out and play? That's right... sneakers. Lace those puppies up.




Part 3: White Canvas Sneakers

Grit Fave: We had a lot of them, but these are the Keds.


...That you should always, ALWAYS bring flowers...


Part 4: Floral Ties

Grit Fave: This one by Chelsie Ravenell, Kenneth Beatrice


And finally, again, we're live here. We're not supposed to be the ones sweating.... Leave that to the tourists.

Part 5: Unlined Blazers

Grit Fave: This good-looking linen one by Billy Reid