Brunching and Munching: NEW Brunch Specials at 492

Brunch is a Sunday ritual for many. How can you not want to explore the best brunches in Charleston? 492 has new specials and bites that will make your taste buds thank you..

Brunch in Charleston is a serious sport. Taken very seriously, planned out and thoughtfully dressed for the occasion. My friends and I love catching up over brunch after a crazy week of work.


492 offers a gorgeous scenic spot on King Street with a beautiful indoor area and outside side patio that is so chic (perfect for your instagram images!).


Make sure to tag us @charlestongrit #chsgrit if/when you go for these bubbles and bites!


    Blood Orange Mimosas at 492


Check out their NEW menu below!


Sunday    10am-3pm


Sourdough Sticky Bun
Cinnamon, Pecan 7

Plate of Culatello

Fermented Hot Sauce, Lemon MKT

Charred Shishito Peppers
Lime Juice, Furikake 8

Beef Tartare
Toasted Koji Mayo, Chili, Sourdough 13

Sweet Gem Lettuces
Cucumber, Dill, Benne Seed Tahini 10

Melon Salad
Lime, Cucumber, Red Onion, Chile Powder 8

Roasted New Potatoes
Aioli, Lamb Confit, Pickled Jalapeno 9

Egg Sandwich
Avocado, Pancetta, Challah, Aioli* 10

Brioche French Toast
Concord Grape Jam, Maple Syrup 9

Fried Eggs
Charred Chicken, Shiitake, Thai Chili, Basil, Fish Sauce* 14

Spinach, Roasted Bell Pepper, Cotija 10

Soft Scramble
Sourdough Toast, Cashew Romesco, Chanterelle*  13

Baked Eggs
Roasted Okra, Tomato, Lobster Mushroom, Red Chili, Aged Cheddar* 14

Black Truffel Sauce, Potato Chips* 15

 Double Bacon Cheeseburger
Paprika Aioli, Pickle, Fries 16
(Add Egg) 2.5

Steak Frites
Sunny Eggs, Feta, Hatch Green Chili Pepperonatta 18


Nueske’s Bacon 5
Field Peas & Country Ham 5
Sourdough Toast 5
Two Eggs 5


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