The Best Deals In Charleston's Restaurants: Thursday.

Don't stick your nose up to this lunchtime deal. SNOB has an amazing opportunity for hungry downtowners to enjoy some of the freshest cuisine around. Our foodie is back at it with today's treat.


SNOB Express Lunch


Continuing on my quest to find the best food, at the cheapest prices, I am surprised to find that Slightly North of Broad, or SNOB, makes the list. Every weekday, a special dish is featured on the menu for just $10.95, a steal at this restaurant that headed up by the talented chef Frank Lee


At one o’clock, the dining room is bustling, and every table is full as Charleston’s finest dine at the Lowcountry bistro. SNOB specializes in using local ingredients in a farm-to-table set-up that ensures only the freshest fare. (Check out their newest farm-to-glass cocktails inspired by fresh produce.) All tables are full, and they are booked through lunch, so to the bar I go. 


A quick fix.


The express lunch is a prix fixe meal that comes with an entree, your choice of soup or salad, and coffee or iced tea. Iced tea seems perfect on this Thursday afternoon so I sit down and order a tall glass of the most refreshing and perfectly sweetened homemade sweet iced tea I’ve had in Charleston. Piping hot cornbread is delivered along with butter for smothering. Let me tell you from experience that any place that serves cornbread before your meal is destined to be down-home delicious. 



A fresh start. 


The soup and salad options that go with the meal are limited, so I opt for the house salad with a lemon shallot vinaigrette. The greens are fresh and hearty, and the citrus dressing is ideal on a southern summer afternoon. Portion sizes are just right and my entree is quickly delivered. 



Right at home. 


The entree featured during my visit was the Crispy Chicken Confit Leg over smashed potatoes and braised greens. Could it get any more Southern than this? The whole dish is smothered in a whole grain mustard sorghum glaze that provides a sweet but savory kick and brings the whole dish together. 



I have it on good authority that the strawberry and ice cream combo is one of the best in the city. Creamy vanilla and fresh fruit...what could be better on a spring day?


Maggie, age 3 lives it up at SNOB during lunch.


Paying just under 11 dollars is a good deal for lunch anywhere, and I’d call that a successful trip to SNOB any day. However, I recommend making reservations in advance unless you prefer the bar. 


Monday through Friday, 11:30 am- 3:00 pm.