And The Gritty Awards Go To...

Did your favorite blogger score a nod? At the Charleston Grit Blog-Worthy Holiday Bash last night, we announced our 3rd quarter best-of-blog Gritty award winners. Click here to see who won!

Last night at our blogger holiday bash held at Mynt, we announced the 3rd quarter best-of-blog Gritty award winners. Here's who won!



Most-Viewed Blogger: Tim Brennan, SoundCheck

Second Most-Viewed Blogger: Joan McDonald, Front Yard to Table

Third Most-Viewed Blogger: Renae Brabham, Seeming Sane 2U


Most-Viewed Post: Tim Brennan's "The Greatest Guitar Chord Ever Played in Charleston"

Second Most-Viewed Post: Hunter Boone's "Hope and Union Closes..."

Third Most-Viewed Post: Desmond Kinlaw's "House Calls Casting Call"


Editor's Choice, Best Blog Post(s):

Rebekah Jacob's "No Whining"

Stephanie Hunt's "Our Arts Community is Not Optional"


(Awards are based on statistics from 3rd Quarter, 2012 [July 1 through September 30, 2012]. No in-house blog posts were eligible for these awards.)