Renae Brabham

12 out-of-state tags in .02-mile stretch of Folly Beach. Floorboards with sand are a souvenir.

A die-hard fan recounts evening with singer at Charleston Music Hall.

Maybe we shouldn't end our novels with periods; maybe a semicolon is best.

Paranoia, the new privilege.

"My nephew has HDADD, high definition, attention deficit disorder. He can barely pay attention, but when he does, it's unbelievably clear." Steven Wright

We're at it again! Last night, at the beautiful home of Reclaimed Designs, we honored some writers and friends with a soirée filled with food, drinks, music, and most importantly, smiling faces

Comments, and Shares, and Likes, OH MY! Facebook can be a source of entertainment or frustration, and blogger Renae Brabham takes a closer look at what it really means to be digitally social.

Blogger Joan Perry and friends see the best Charleston has to offer to all the couples getting married here. As the number two destination for weddings in the country, the event was top notch.

No matter what a reality show may try to bring, or take from our beloved city, you can't ignore what makes it such a beautiful place.

The blog that made us all nod yes, yes, yes, and yes. Plus, three things we could all stand to do less of in 2014 (hint: one involves Kim K. and Kanye)...

And speaking of gifts and special occasions, if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, you're going to want to read this. You've got an exciting weekend ahead...

What was back-to-school shopping like? All about maxis, minis, silk shirts, and swimming with gators... Plus! Some photographic gems I pulled from the Renae Brabham archives

Plus! Grit's 5 first-rate ideas for fighting this week's vicious news cycle and July-in-Charleston humidity (shark-hunting and ice cream cakes, anyone?)

I'm a major people watcher—and there was some serious watching to be done last night

Bloggers and friends gathered at The Alley last night to celebrate Grit's first anniversary. Click here for party pics—plus Gritty Awards!—from the birthday bash

A reminder that some days are bigger than 140 characters, and just don't quite fit on the screen of a smartphone. Plus? More hilarious Twitter cartoons

Here's to the holidays with a roundup of the season's best blogs, featuring a muzzled inner Scrooge, a hospitable snowman, that creepy, creepy elf, double-decker oreo fudge, and more

Did your favorite blogger score a nod? At the Charleston Grit Blog-Worthy Holiday Bash last night, we announced our 3rd quarter best-of-blog Gritty award winners. Click here to see who won!

It's their first day of school and you've got the house all to yourself. Just what you've been waiting for... right?

Here they are: The Second Quarter, 2012 Gritty Award winners