January 3, 2014

Instant Grit

And the first Blog of the Week of 2014 is... Renae Brabham's Like Water Off a Duck's Back. If you haven't read it yet, do, because it's a reality check we could all stand to face. And if you're looking for a New Year's resolution more original—more meaningful, really—than ditching your muffin top... well, Renae's got you covered. 


I realize that I have been inundated this year with political crap, religious crap, and commercial crap. I have spent way too much time thinking about what she said, what he said, what he did, what the fox said.

So for 2014, I have declared focus my resolution. Focus on the good of the bad. Focus on humanity and not hilarity. Focus on things of lasting importance. Denying myself a negative reaction to a ludicrous position taken, an insidious idea, a temptress, a barb, an insecurity.
And while it's easy to think of things we should all do more of this year—more jogging, more organizing, more budgeting, more playing, more saving, more writing, more veggie cooking, more sweeping, more flossing, more squatting—Renae's post brings to mind that we'd also do well to do less of some things this year, too. 
Like, pay less attention to what these guys are doing. (Unless, of course, you haven't seen the horrendous video from which this screenshot was taken. If that's the case, watch it real quick, gag a bit, THEN cut Kim and Kanye out've your year.)
Getting off on reality show ruins (no matter how true the stereotype may be). You know, if we all stopped watching the flaming marshmallow, as Renae puts it, perhaps the TV producers would stop sticking folks into the fire... 
Show less interest in your Facebook "friends" than your real-life human friends. In fact, earlier this week Huffington Post gave us 11 reasons why we should all quit the Book altogther. Here's our fave: 
So come on, guys. This year, let's do less.