Instant Grit

From food (double-decker Oreo fudge) to photography (a Santa hat-topped house) and everything in between (anecdotes, DIYs, lessons, and gift ideas), our Grit bloggers have been dishing out some top-notch posts this holiday season. Let’s take this chance to have another read and steep in some seasonal goodness.


Happy, happy holidays from the Grit team!


Some of our favorites: 

Evans Craddock’s “Simmer Down, Inner Scrooge”


Renae Brabham’s “Here’s a Christmas Card for You…”


Joan Perry’s “Where He Hangs His Hat”


Rebeccah Connelly’s “Elf It or Eff It?”


Stephanie Hunt's "For the Children"


Natalie Mason’s “Double Decker Oreo Fudge”


Elisabeth Bova’s  “Christmas Goods: Front Door Décor”


Renae Brabham’s “Our Griswold Christmas Road Trips”


Tim Brennan’s “What to Gift the Musician in Your Life (Since You Can’t Buy Them Talent)”