Sharpen Up at Coastal Cupboard

This weekend, head to Coastal Cupboard for its semi-annual knife sharpening event benefitting East Cooper Meals on Wheels.



Update: The Coastal Cupboard is once again hosting its Semi-Annual Charity Knife Sharpening event from Thursday, June 11 to Sunday June 14, 2015! For more details, please visit The Coastal Cupboard's website here. This blog post originally ran last year on October 30, 2014 and has been updated —if you missed getting your knives sharpened the first time around, now's your chance to catch this great event again. 


Yesterday, while I was ungracefully sawing through a tomato with what can only be described as "A Haggard Butter Knife Formerly Known as My Chef's Knife," I thought to myself, "Geez, there's another to-do item to add to my list: get knives sharpened."


Luckily, The Coastal Cupboard, a family-owned food and kitchen supply store in Mt. Pleasant, has provided the perfect excuse to move that to-do item up on my list. This weekend, head over to The Coastal Cupboard for its Semi-Annual Charity Knife Sharpening Event from this Thursday, June 11 to Sunday, June 14, 2015. Get your knives professionally sharpened for just $1 per knife, where every dollar benefits the East Cooper Meals on Wheels. Just $4 will provide a recipeint of East Cooper Meals on Wheels with two meals a day.  So far, The Coastal Cupboard has raised nearly $30,000 for Charleston-based charities.


The event runs during store hours and will feature knife skills demonstrations, food tastings, and specials on cutlery sets, knife sharpeners, and knife gadgets. 


So, if you're like me, with a haphazard collection of sad knives who have seen better days, head on over to The Coastal Cupboard this weekend. Your knives (and East Cooper Meals on Wheels) will thank you.


For more details plus tips on ways to transport your knives safely to and from the event, visit or the store’s Facebook page at


To learn more about East Cooper Meals on Wheels and how to donate or volunteer, visit


Photos courtesy of The Coastal Cupboard