A Fragile Tomorrow Headlines Cancer Benefit At the Windjammer

Too many benefit shows to choose from? Well, the band A Fragile Tomorrow brings a new meaning to the word "benefit" with their show at the Windjammer this coming Saturday

Whenever I get invited to a benefit concert, I politely take the information I’m given, and file it away. However, in my own head, all I can think is that the only entity that benefits from a local band benefit show, is the bar. Call me cynical if you will, but I’d rather see a band make as much money as they can at every show, and set aside a portion for the charities they believe in. After all the effort expended to get your fan base rallied around one show, a band succeeds in helping to sell a lot of beer.  
Which is why it is unusual that I’d promote this Saturday’s show at the Windjammer, benefitting research for LMS (Leiomyosarcoma). LMS is a rare form of cancer that is well known to the guys in A Fragile Tomorrow. Three of the members are brothers, and it is their mother, Vicki Stein Kelly, who is a Stage 4 survivor of LMS. So this cause is as personal as it gets for the band.

She’s not out of the woods yet. Her last surgery to remove tumors occurred this past fall while her sons were on tour in Europe. She will undergo more scans this month to see if there are any more tumors. LMS is so rare, that it does not rank high when research grants are given out. Those grants go to the more well known and, frankly, more common, diseases.


Yet, there is research being done by a small group of doctors. This LMS Direct Research Foundation has taken samples of three of the four tumors removed from Vicki, and it is using those tumors in their research. In order to continue their work, they rely upon donors. They’ve set a goal of about $25,000 to reach the next level. In the world of medical research, that is a reachable goal.


Raising money and awareness for the mother of local musicians is one good reason to get to the Jammer on Saturday. Though cancer is a downer, don’t expect a night of sad songs from A Fragile Tomorrow. If you haven’t seen this young band, you should get to one of the best venues in town and see why they may be poised for great things. Their smartly written songs feature jangly power pop guitars and sweet-as-honey harmonies. For this one night, they will also feature Peter Holsapple on keys (from the dB’s, as well as touring sideman with REM and Hootie and the Blowfish), and Ted Comerford on guitar (Mitch Easter co-producer, engineer to many).


Opening up will be a band who just moved to the area, Finnegan Bell. It’s comprised of two members from the now defunct Columbia SC acoustic pop group Silers Bald. That former band sold over 70,000 of their debut CD before disbanding, so we will look forward to what they bring into our scene.

A Fragile Tomorrow with Finnegan Bell will be at the Windjammer, Isle of Palms, this Saturday Feb 8th. Cover charge $10.