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the Windjammer

BY: Tim Brennan
  When I first moved to South Carolina, I was hungry to see the great local scene I’d heard about. Yet, all I saw was one earnest, sublime guitar-strumming songwriter after another. Each trying...
BY: Tim Brennan
Whenever I get invited to a benefit concert, I politely take the information I’m given, and file it away. However, in my own head, all I can think is that the only entity that benefits from a local...
BY: Devin Grant
  [[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"12034","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","height":"436","width":"637"}}]]  The number "three" holds a special significance...
BY: Instant Grit
COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER! Your Grit guide to Charleston's golden season MONDAY: Summertime Dos & Don'ts TUESDAY: The Best of Poolside WEDNESDAY: Get Your Grill On  ...
BY: Tim Brennan
Facebook Drama! Sooooo much fun.... It’s better than reality TV, isn't it?   Last week, my FaceBook feed lit up with a little drama that involved the Windjammer—which happens to be one of my...
BY: Tim Brennan
BLOG OF THE WEEK: Brand new Gritter Tim Brennan started off with a bang with his entertaining—and thought-provoking—observations on our local music scene. Charleston, where IS the weird?...
BY: Tim Brennan
Seeking good music and entertainment in town, I've noticed something: the music we've got. The entertainment? Not as much.   I've heard singers that rival anything touring the country. Guitar...


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