Breakup Makeup Part 2

Personal relationships aren't the only breakups we're faced with. Here's some quick tips for rejuvenating your mind, body, and skin after loss

Bonjour Beauties! Our topic for the second installment of the Breakup Makeup Plan: Rejuvenate.


The art of rejuvenation is really quite apropos to my life currently and here’s why: I have recently taken a leap of faith and switched careers. I'll still serve clients at Cos Bar a few times a week, but will focus on putting my heart and soul into Laura Mercier and representing their philosophy to the fullest. Flawless Face... here I come! As you might imagine, this change has caused a great deal of self reflection and a desire to rejuvenate myself and to extend this renewal effort to all those affected. But in this time of layoffs and downsizing, I know that I am not the only one going through these types of transitions. So this Breakup Makeup segment will apply to how to rejuvenate after breaking up (moving on) with elements of our lives that are about more than personal relationships. I am here to offer some ACP tips on how to pull yourself up by the boot straps and show the world the strong beauty that you are, whether you’re making changes personally, professionally, or both.


STEP ONE: When you’re feeling crummy the last thing you want is to walk around looking like a sad sack that elicits whispers of ”that poor, miserable thing” as you pass by. So the first step in lighting our load is to look the part. We have to rejuvenate and thus ILLUMINATE! In order to properly rejuvenate, we have to clean off all the toxins that the environment and life have flung our way. After you stretch, meditate, or go for your morning run, meet yourself in the mirror with a vocally confident, “Hello Beautiful,” and say it like you mean it! Right after, wash your face with Natura Bisse AHA Facial Cleanser—it’s what I like to refer to as one of the “essentials.” If you want to positively beam like the sun and have people wondering how you’ve gotten a gulp from the fountain of youth—this wash is your bit of magic! This is the product that you’ll be buying in bulk to give as Christmas gifts my friends, take my word for it.


STEP TWO: “Out damned spot—out I say!” exclaimed Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth; and that’s what we’re saying to all that stands in the way of our rejuvenation. Whether that be sad memories of a relationship lost, the stress that accompanies a new beginning, or those nagging voices of doubt that linger in the back of your subconscious—OUT I say!! Apply Clinique Dark Spot Correcting Serum under your moisturizer every morning and night for a soon-to-be flawless complexion.


STEP THREE: I truly believe in bringing the spa to you when you can’t go to the spa. At the end of your day, light some scented candles in your powder room, (Archipelago Botanicals has some gorgeous scents—one of which is dubbed ‘Charleston’!), prep your warm, luxuriating bath, and get out your Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache Scrub. A polishing body scrub with fine-milled pistachio shells to to gently slough skin, you’ll smell absolutely heavenly after using this and your skin will feel like cashmere. So leap into that bath and scrub those cares away my loves! You may smile at this tip but I adore Calgon body sprays that you get any drug store, my mother turned me on to these and they are and inexpensive way to treat yourself. Take me away I say while leaving a little money in my wallet.


STEP FOUR: One way to rejuvenate is to create. I LOVE helping my clients create a new vision of themselves. So let's update our look… clean out our makeup wardrobe and be out with the old and in with the new. My tip of the week applies to those of you that you really need this, and you know who you are!! Toss out ALL those old brushes that are harboring that nasty bacteria and invest in your first set of dynamic brushes that will create your masterpiece… your masterpiece and a not new, but improved you!


Webster’s dictionary defines Rejuvenation as an act: “to make young or youthful again, give new vigor, to restore to an original or new state.” Loss of meaningful relationships can feel like a loss of vigor. But a loss will not break us my darlings. We’ll strengthen ourselves with a great bottle of wine with our closest friends, a relaxing hour massage at our favorite spa and of course helping others any way we can. I know you will find a renewal too!