So here I am today. Still showing up. Still climbing out.

Tropical Storm Erika. Way hotter than Tropical Storm Danny

Early season tropical system stirs up some surf for SC beaches

The weather report stated “100% chance of Thunderstorms by 10:00 am,” but for the brave souls that dared the weather, Sunday morning provided both sun and surf for the Bodhi’s Revenge Paddle Race on Folly Beach.

Early April sees trade-wind swell

Another week of surf to keep Folly surfers in the water.

Another run of mixed-direction, easterly swell for mid-March

Most think that warmer waves and longer days make for better surf. We have to agree.

A stellar run of cold surf for late February continues during the first week of March.

With everyone eagerly anticipating warmer spring surf, early March might just deliver.

Irish-born musician Glen Hansard is expected to wow the crowd at the Charleston Music Hall.

Be thankful! Some big sloppy wind swell should fill in Sunday, fading just before Thanksgiving.

Surf fever takes over the Brick House Party Plantation October 16–18 at the Carolina Surf Film Festival

Music blogger Tim Brennan reviews the local band who just released their new, six-song album, Good Luck.

When it rains, it pours, but no amount of inclement weather was going to stop Kinsey Gidick as she made her rounds and took her notes on this year's Charleston Wine and Food Festival.

How do you start a grilled cheese stand? How do you do it in THIS foodie city? Cory Schwartz knows the secret is tender love and care...and probably bacon. He even gave us a few tips to take home.

From here to there and back again, summer has us on the move. An OBX excursion, a New York Times essay, and Charleston's Vikki Matsis on the nuances of travel

I beg to differ. That, and three other big reasons why I never made it to the Olympics Games