Stuffed: The 2017 Taste of Hutson Alley

Jeanne Everett



 The Taste of Hutson Alley gathers several of my favorite Charleston's restaurants and offer a taste of each.

 The alley is decorated with flowers, lights strung, high tables for nibbling and a live band!




  I personally love the restaurants that line the alley including and past 39 Rue De Jean. Restaurants featured included Coast Bar and Grill, Vincent Chicco's, Michaels On The Alley, Victor's Social Club and Virginia's on King.


The entryway took me to a European vacation that resembled Italy.


I was in awe as I walked into the entryway to be greeted with a gorgeous champagne table that looked like it belonged in a wedding magazine.


The architecture in Charleston never ceases to amaze me then mixed with a sprinkling of event decor and it just translates beautifully. I love Charleston!



We grabbed our glasses of champagne, headed towards the first table past the entrance and were greeted by Coast Bar and Grill.



Coast provided the crowd with one of my personal favorites. It was a Blue crab heirloom tomato gazpacho that was TO DIE FOR!



Next up, was a refreshing bite from Michael's on the Alley's dish. This was a scallop conserva with watermelon cucumber salad and toasted farro.



The chef prepares a dish for us to try. Mouthwatering and refreshing, I will take that any summer night!


Moving to the next table, we stopped at Vincent Chicco's table. Thus, here we had a fabulous bite of thinly sliced porchetta with watercress salad and hazelnut vinaigrette.



Next stop: Virginia's on King. I could eat this peachy bite daily. It consisted of chilled South Carolina peaches, mountain honey chattily, mint.


There also was a chicken thigh but I covered that bad boy in sauce and it was gone before I could even snap a pic. (sorry, not sorry!)



There was also a moment where we went by 39 Rue De Jean's table. There I devoured their fantastic Lemon rosemary panisse with goat cheese mousse and olive tapenade.


This, again, has no picture of evidence but it was fabulous and filling!


We finished the night with live jazz music singing to old Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, John Mayer and old hits. But, we didn't forget the dessert!


We went inside to find Good Food Catering serving up tarte bites of chocolate and key lime pie! I took a box home (hey, they offered!).



To see more, eat more and enjoy Charleston bites and bubbly, click here.


I also recommend Victor's Social Club on a Thursday night as they have jazz bands perform!