Staycay: Wild Dunes Resort

Jeanne Everett

The Wild Dunes Resort took me in and treated me to a staycation like I'd never known I needed. FYI, I think everyone can and should plan a staycay just for the sake of sanity. 


Sometimes you need someone to propose to you that maybe you need a relaxing staycation to clear your mind and relax the back for a bit. Well, when Wild Dunes came to me with that proposal, how could a girl like me say no?

Life is fun living by the beach but it also makes you less appreciative when you can easily access it so as a reminder, I treated this staycay like I was on vacation. I ate, slept, danced, drank and indulge into the wonders that Wild Dunes offers. 

Doesn't the saying go, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, in this case, when the resort schedules you in a private cabana with catered food and cava brut by the bottle, (by the pool might I add), who am I to stop them? Am I right or am I right?


Our staycation started off with us meeting Richard, the gracious and charming valet man who greeted us, coordinated our car parking and luggage as well as guided Ms. Jeanne Everett up the stairs to the lobby. Being called "Ms. Jeanne Everett" made this all more a treat. I mean, c'mon guys.

We settled in after getting our belongings upstairs and to our room, which was fabulously like a Miami-beach styled condo that felt less hotel and more like I lived there (a cough cough - idea for the future). I could live there!



We changed into our bathing suits (I brought along my favorite partner in crime aka my mom, Sharon) and lavish cover-ups to head down to the pool to you know, bask in the sunlight and pretended I am the princess that I was being treated like (guys, it was like a dream). The pool is beyond beautiful and reminds me of my childhood living in Puerto Rico. (Isla Verde Embassy Suites in Isla Verde, PR has an amazing setup pool similar to the one at Wild Dunes).

We had lunch out by the shoreline at the Beachside Burgers & Bar which felt like I was in the Caribbean, again nodding to my childhood for all these comparisons (sorry!).



Afterward, we lounged in the pool with a beautiful bridge that grouped two pools together (at night it was stunning!). As we sipped champagne by the pool, we were greeted by our cabana organizer, Andrew (an amazing manager!) and Guy who helped get us into our comfortable cabana.


Andrew, who is the manager at Coastal Provisions inside Wild Dunes Resort, grabbed a bubbly cava brut bottle and Pellegrino and talked with us for a bit (seriously- nicest staff!). I loved how personable everyone was! Then, we looked over the mouth-watering, to die for a gourmet menu. Matt, our waiter who was amazing, walked us through the menu and details about the resort.




Needless to say, we became "friends' with Matt and shared details of our fun day and of course told him about Charleston Grit! It was several hours spent in the cabana eating our dinners of pork chop and swordfish but that was after we had our trendy new appetizer, tuna poke! I always wanted to try poke!



It was paired so well with radish shavings and an avocado sauce-like cream. TO DIE FOR. I am a fish lover but this just topped it off (and we were just getting started). After many looks through the cabana curtains, as people were wondering who are these chicks, we got our dinner then proceeded with dessert. Options were Nutella cake or cheesecake and when mom and I couldn't decide which one, we were swayed by Matt's thoughtfulness of just doing BOTH!


We settled into our rooms to fall asleep in the big plush hotel bed everyone raves about and called for tea to the room. As I went to clean up my jewelry and long in the hotel robe, I noticed something. A little notecard that was not there earlier and with the card it read "Please check your fridge for a little something" and I did what I was told. A tray of chocolate covered strawberries was sitting perfectly on the shelf and a bottle of our fave - CAVA BRUT champs was in the next cubby! Talk about sweet and thoughtfulness!!!!! SO SO SWEET!




Slept like a baby! There is something about not having to be anywhere or having to meet any deadlines that help make for a fabulous slumber.

Day 2- we wake up and are sad. Sad because we have to pack up, go grab breakfast (which was all kinds of southern cravings fulfilled) and check out!

We had a southern breakfast that consisted of eggs, sausage, potatoes and a fruit plate at Huey's Southern Eats while we looked out on the golf course field. It looked like a Van Gogh painting with its rolling hills and putting perfect greens.

Got our belongings into the car and said "Muchas Gracias" to the team who took care of us! Appreciate everyone who helped give us a treasured staycation. I also think I may have made a sale for ya'll- my parents are planning on staying there next year for their anniversary!