McCrady's Tavern: Serious Sunday Brunching

Sunday Funday has a new meaning with a cozy nook like McCrady's Tavern.


On a chilly, cozy Sunday I walked through East Bay to an alleyway that lead to a brick building where I discovered McCrady's Tavern. Greeted by the hostess, we were seated at a cozy booth that left us with beautiful views of the stunning bar, archways and seating throughout the entrance of this cozy nook.




McCrady's Tavern is off the beaten path for good reason. Like it's sister restarunt, McCrady's which is located on East Bay and known for it's wine and course tastings, McCrady's Tavern reveals a cozy-at-home feel with a down to earth menu to match.

With exposed brick and historical meaning behind these walls, the food wasn't only the only thing to delight. I despise places that have great food but there is no ambiance. McCrady's was chic, cozy and warm all in one with a menu to fill our bellies and our tastebuds.



For starters, I brought along one of my best friends to venture into brunch with me. I started with a chai tea that was served in an antique rustic nickel teapot with creamer cup. I asked if it was actual vintage and YES! Chef Sean Brock found it in an antique store, I was told.

My friend ordered a bloddy mary that was RIDICULOUSLY good. I dont ever like bloddy mary's but let me tell you, this one was so good I'd order it. Highly recommend.



Also, the table was an amazing marbled brass and wood style that I loved. SO BEAUTIFUL.



For our first course, we had a delicious appetizer of a parfait like dish with berries, nuts, handmade granola and yogurt. SO GOOD. I love a good parfait and this was so good and served in the cutest tiny red pan-like dish. We also got to order a maple pecan donut that was mouthwatering (I could have had about a dozen more)!

Chef Sean Brock surprised us and brought us an egg-cellent (see what I did there) dish of devilled eggs from his mother's recipe - let me just say, there were no words. Simply ridiculouslyyyyyy good.


For our main course, we ordered the special which was an amazing mix of greens, an egg, potatoes and meat. Again, something I'd never think would go together and yet I had to finish my plate (good thing I was in a comfy stretchy skirt)!



McCrady's was such a delight and I wiill be planning lots of more meals there. For more information on McCrady's, click here.