The Inspriation Behind My Pimento Mac & Cheese

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Hey there friends! My name is Charlotte and I am a May, 2013 graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan where I double majored in Business and Communication. I am a total foodie, obsessed with watching the Food Network, browsing food blogs, exploring new restaurants, and experimenting with whatever unique recipes I can get my hands on. While my dream of being the next Food Network star ventures a bit from reality, cooking for family and friends appears to be the next best thing. I have recently moved to Charleston, SC (the city of my dreams) to begin work at a PR Agency dealing primarily with the food and travel industries! I am eager to learn as much as I can as I begin this next chapter of my life. Recipes that are quick, and involve simple, affordable ingredients are what I am all about. But most importantly, they have to be fricken delicious. While most college kids fear my favorite hobby, I have gathered a collection of recipes that even the least experienced cook can master. I challenge you to try the food on this blog, and guarantee you there will be no leftovers.


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Pimento Mac & Cheese

The other day I discovered my heaven on earth- the magical cooking wonderland that is Southern Season in Mount Pleasant. I kid you not, I wandered around for more than three hours, gazing at the aisles and aisles of gourmet teas, coffees, pickled veggies, mustards, and spices. Not only that, but they also have an entire wall dedicated to specialty bottle beers, an impressive meat and cheese counter, a massive chocolate and candy counter, and a whole section dedicated to crazy kitchen gadgets like taco-makers and kooky popsicle molds. Oh, and there’s a tasting table with a medley of goodies to nibble on while you wander as well as an attached cooking school and restaurant, both of which I plan to attend in the near future. 



I ended up walking out of there with little damage done to the wallet but a whole lot of inspiration. I came home with a craving to get creative in the kitchen & decided to put a southern spin on every college kid's go-to meal: Mac & Cheese.

Pimento Mac & Cheese:
Pimento Cheese is to the South as maple syrup is to my Canadian relatives- a staple. Seen all over the menus of Charleston restaurants, I have seen this winning combo of cheddar, mayo, and pimentos slathered on top of burgers, sandwiched between bread in a grilled cheese, and served plain alongside crackers for an appetizer. I haven't, however, seen it served in pasta and thus wanted to give this recipe a try when I saw it in my "50 Picnic Salad" recipes in my Food Network magazine. Requiring only a few cheap ingredients and two simple steps- cooking the pasta and then mixing all the ingredients together in one large bowl, this recipe is a winner, especially in Charleston.