Guess Who's Back...

Desmond Kinlaw

So remember the post I did roughly year ago about this awesome bakery that was closing down and fell into a deep gorge, never to return? Well, guess what? They have risen up like a Phoenix from the ashes. Ever So Sweet Bakery is back at a new location, with a warm and cozy feel and what looks to be a slightly extended menu.



About a month or so ago, I saw them posting on Facebook about making a comeback. So I kept checking back for a grand re-opening date, and that special day was this past Wednesday. I was really happy to see them back in business, especially a few miles closer to my house. My family and I went to check in on them over the weekend to show some love. I caught up with the staff to get some info on their first week back.



Our Selections:1-Chai Tea, 2-Cheddar Bacon Quiche, 3-Napoleon, 4-White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie, 5-Pound Cake w/ Cream Cheese Icing, 6-White Chocolate Cheesecake, 7-Pecan Sticky Bun



So for those asking what happened last year... what happened?


"Basically, the widening of Dorchester Road happened. We were aware ahead of time that it was going to take place, and took necessary precautions with our lease. We were worried that it would deter people from our area, and it definitely did. Along with that, our place was huge! And the cost that comes with that is a bit much. We wanted to find something smaller and cozy." 


How does it feel to be back?


"It feels wonderful! It's so great to see familiar faces and to be back in the kitchen. I so missed baking all day. Even though we are all exhausted from a long week, it's so worth it. I love baking so much, and it's so rewarding to create things from scratch everyday, and see people enjoy them!" 



How long have you been baking and what keeps you turning on that oven every day (besides good ol' electricity)?


"I have been baking since I was little. I never really though about it as a career, until I went to college. I was a graphic design major, and I had one class in the big main building. I took a wrong turn one day and passed the baking classrooms. I was amazed, and instantly fell in love with the idea of going to school for pastry. One week later, I changed my major, not being able to imagine sitting behind a computer for the rest of my life. I have loved every minute of the past 5 years." 



The new space is decorated beautifully, what was the thought or inspiration behind it?



"Thank you! I wanted to stay with our original colors, blue and brown, but I wanted to have the colors a little more mellow, and that's where the dusty blue and taupe came from. I wanted it to be cozy and inviting. I've always loved the idea of a bar, and we had great space for it at the end. We, of course, kept our amazing photos, taken by a good friend of mine, David Collins. And we love chalkboards. My mom is a wonderful artist and does all of my chalkboards. We love to keep people updated with what we're doing." 



You guys have an interesting location being on the same block as Publix. I have friends that go on and on about how awesome their bakery is. I say it's overrated. Express to my friends and anyone else that feels the same why they should support local businesses like yourself (besides almost always being more awesome than the big franchises).


"Well, as great as Publix is (and being so fully staffed, and being able to put out everything that they do everyday) I must say that there is something different about baking everything on-site. I worked at Publix for a few months and I confess I know most of their secrets when it comes to the bakery. I pride myself in baking fresh items as fast as my body will allow me. I love to have fresh items for my customers. Large corporate companies like that have to make things in large facilities off site, freeze them, and then transport them. Otherwise, they would probably have to triple their already large staff. Besides that, we have always supported small businesses. My father owns a small business, and my mother and sister just recently closed theirs. So coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it's in my blood. I love knowing that I'm supporting someone like me, who works hard, takes pride in their business, and needs my business to take home a paycheck and put dinner on the table for their family." 




I was totally blown away when they told me that they used my post (they stumbled upon it months after it was published) as inspiration for a return. 



This is the inspiration board that they put together and they keep it posted in their kitchen. 




Ever So Sweet Bakery

1525 Old Trolley Rd Suite E

Summerville, SC 29483


Hours of Operation:

Tues-Fri 8am-6pm

Sat 8am-5pm

Sun & Mon CLOSED