Meet a candidate for Secretary of State, a mover, a shaker, and a woman with a plan. This lady may not be your typical choice on the ballot, but don't count her out, she's ready to make major changes.

Are you letting the "cost of money" determine what you place your value in? Not everything that's of worth can be bought. Here's a wake up call that will get you thinking about what you're spending.

The blog that got us pointing at the author and shouting, "YES! WHAT HE SAID, WHAT HE SAID!" Plus! What if someone could actually sniff out your lies? Someone liiiiiiike... Jimmy Kimmel? See it here

Actually, don’t call it lying. It’s fiction. Entertainment. Reality. Ethical? Who cares? Lately, rewards from lying are getting greater—just ask Elan Gale or the waitress who faked a bit of bigotry...

The first day of the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival featured great sets by AJ Ghent, Dawes, Natalie Maines, and a cover-heavy set by the Zac Brown Band

Plus! With the shutdown behind us, we've got a delightfully endless supply of jokes about it for your Friday, courtesy of the late-night comics. Trust us—you need to read these today...

And neither can we. How can a country get to the point where the spirit of our parties blinds us, and common sense is no longer a go-to for moving forward? It's not as intentional as you might think

Charleston guy Chris Cox packs up his lawnmower and heads to DC amidst the bleak government shutdown. Why? Why else? To cut the grass and watch over the Lincoln Memorial. Here's his take...

So it's Nat'l Self Improvement month. Cool. But think about it—what does "self improvement" really mean? Here, 5 everyday (not ordinary) 20-somethings weigh in on how they're trying to do just that

Here's why the Miley Cyrus episode clogging the Internet this week bugs me, but it's not what you think... (hint: it's kind of worse)

Charleston exec Barbara Fowler tells you what nonprofits need most (and it's not necessarily a stacked payroll), and how YOU can boost your philanthropic bottom line

In today's City Paper, cycling advocate Stephanie Hunt responded to an article that, two weeks ago, roused (mostly) a collective "huh?" from readers. Can her logic hush the histrionics?

Plus, more of Grit's thoughts on this week' infamous City Paper "bike story." We've also got the yoga studio winner and the winner of our 5-class pass. Click here for the results!

A few weeks ago, we published a letter from Grit blogger John Abess to our senators requesting clarification on DHS expenditures. We've got their responses here... (well, one and a half responses)

National blog sites are abuzz with theories on what's behind the DHS's giant purchase order of ammunition, even as we face massive budget cuts. Senators, can you sort fact from fiction?

A nation overtaken by radicals? I believe the majority of people don't fall into these categories, but are simply classified as such because of political affiliation. Here's a quick (fake!) experiment

True, I don't need more than a couple of shotguns and a rifle to take down a deer. But then, the 2nd Amendment was never about protecting the right go hunting. Here's the point...

Here's how I feel about Obama's win last night, and the "new normal."

If you're thinking of setting up shop advising others, pro consultant Margaret Seidler suggests addressing three key questions before you make your move

Choice words for the prez from a Charleston libertarian in the wake of the big off-teleprompter speech in Roanoke. Just who's doing the heavy lifting here?