December 6, 2013


The Blog of the Week is... Lying: The Booming New Profit Center by Tim Brennan. It's a rather entertaining recognition of just how easy it is these days to get yourself a piece of the spotlight. And how online journalists—or more accurately, those with a password to the publish button on news sites big and small—scarcely flinch when their Sensational Story of the Day turns out to be a Load of Crap.


"As of today, you are free to post whatever you want, and start reaping the benefits. Rake in those new followers. Accept donations from strangers. Collect it in Bitcoins because they are not subject to taxes. Yet, Bitcoins are as stable as common currencies. Or so I think I’ve heard… [But] there are lots of real, true, complete, items of news on the web. Why, in fact, today I read that I can lower my bills, the government HealthCare site is working perfectly while possibly causing the end of the American Way, and there are young sexy singles in my neighborhood who are looking to hook up with me RIGHT NOW! Me! A middle aged white guy with a wife, three kids, a beer gut, who also plays bass in a few local bands."


If you haven't read it yet, check out the whole piece here. Seriously, do it. In the meantime, we wanted to mention that there's an update to the update of the Lesbian-Waitress-Who-Got-Stiffed-OR DID SHE? story Tim mentions in his blog. Though the former Marine pledged to pass along all the donations she received (presumably to make up for her mental anguish) to the Wounded Warrior Project, they don't have a record of any donations from her.


Then again, we read that on the Internet, sooooo... look for a semi-correction from Grit in 1-20 business days.


Maybe those donations happened. Maybe they didn't.


Ams Vans


>> But, wait, HERE'S an idea...


Why don't we donate to Wounded Warriors—that way a winner does emerge out of this swirling load-o'-crap tornado of story updates upon updates upon hoaxes upon sensationalism. How about it?


Here's the link to send them a few bucks


On a lighter note, for those who can't... stop... lying... Jimmy Kimmel's got your number. His lie detector works every time. 



Watch the latest interrogation here.