To-Die-For-Tailgating, Pt. 2

Tara Guérard

Some might say the tailgate bar is more important than the food! Whatever your priority, it’s key to have a stocked cooler and perhaps a fun cocktail or two to offer guests and friends who stop by. (You never know!)


I’m partial to Indian Pale Ales like the one from Sierra Nevada. Stella Artois and Red Stripe are also great. I tend to drink the local beer wherever I am… When in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant-based Westbrook Brewery’s White Thai is a favorite.  


We spotted this “Bongo” collapsible cooler at the NY Gift Show this summer. It’s cute, plus, it doubles as a seat when closed. I give the Bongo extra points for folding up when it’s empty. 


If you know me, you know I don’t like drinks served in plastic cups! Blood Marys and other tailgate toddies should be served in Styrofoam—not very green, but best for keeping things cold. Forgive me!


Top off your tailgate with a fabulous throw or spread for the back of your car/trunk. Indian tapestries work well (and are easy to clean). If it’s chilly, a plaid wool blanket works. Trays for serving food and drink are easily toted and make the presentation much nicer.        



Tara Guérard’s Seaside Bloody Mary

(Serves 1)


1.5 oz. premium vodka

6 oz. Clamato juice

1 tablespoon prepared Horseradish

Dash Worcestershire

Dash of Tabasco sauce

Dash Lemon juice (preferably fresh squeezed) 

Dash Celery salt 

Fresh cracked black pepper – to taste 

One Teaspoon fresh chopped Dill 


Garnish with pickled okra and enjoy!