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Take a peek inside The Flats at Mixson (the design of which has been one of my favorite projects of my career). See the surprising furnishings, murals, and decor that dress the new N. Chas community

If you could have Dukes of Hazzard wallpaper, would you? Take a peek at the trove of hand-drawn, hand-printed, and one-of-a-kind designs from Brooklyn-based design outfit Flat Vernacular

Lately I've been taken by the traditional black and white checkboard pattern—it's simple, stunning, and dramatic. Read on for how to take the look from the halls of Versailles to a floor near you

Thank goodness for swoon-worthy ideas blogs on a Friday afternoon—the ones that that draw you in, one dreamy photo at a time. Cortney's rundown of an iconic design was a hit

They're the furniture equivalent of the perfect pair of white jeans. Here are six photos to swoon over, and inspire a crush of your own on this iconic piece...

You're going to want these kitchens—here are a few designers (Katie Ridder, Tom Scheerer, Anna Spiro...) who've taken tile beyond the backsplash and redefined the best room in the house

Here are my favorite festive, homespun Christmas decorations, plus a heads up on a new tradition I'm starting... a curated holiday yard sale on Sullivan's Island

Why not draw inspiration from a single design element? Reclaimed wood is my current go-to for good-looking rooms and just-right juxtapositions (think paneled walls and sleek metal accents)

Dorothy's simple gingham dress, Scarlett's fabulous green curtain frock, and Batman's sexy suit all come together to inspire at the Victoria and Albert Museum's current exhibit "Hollywood Costume"

We're dressing up this year's Red Party as the Emerald City. Get inspiration for your Wizard of Oz-themed look and learn more about the cause behind the annual fete here

Zara Home's U.S. e-commerce site launches, proving once again that apparel design and home decor go hand in hand

The collected (as opposed to the decorated) aesthetic is getting hot. Here's how to achieve the look in your home, plus, some stunning inspiration from a favorite artist of mine—Slava Roubanov

On a recent trip to NYC, I stopped into The Rug Company's showroom in the Village and was blown away (think Kelly Wearstler, Vivienne Westwood...). Here's your peek

The queen of interior glamour aces it again with her new fabric collection

Iconic 80s photography, like this one from Lyle Owerko's "Boombox Project," brings a modern (or slightly retro?) spin to interiors

Let's take a quick breather from ultra modern cook spaces to pay homage to fun, funky retro warmth (and the WOW appliances that anchor these rooms)

Patriotism doesn’t have to be a seasonal, summertime display. Here are some chic ways to incorporate the Stars and Stripes into your year-round home décor

Every designer has a bucket list. The top to-do on mine is to flank an entire wall in the ever-so-avant-garde Bisazza tile...

Diane von Furstenberg's iconic eye transcends to her dining room—turns out she's got quite the animal instinct

Return to the Sea: Saltworks opens today at the Halsey Institute, featuring artist Motoi Yamamoto and his intensely mysterious mazes and sculptures.... Charleston, this is not-to-miss