Create a "Collective Art Wall"

Cortney Bishop

As an art aficionado myself, I am passionate about introducing incredible talent to my clients, and therefore their walls. Slava Roubanov is one of those talents, plus one of my absolute favorite artists to collect. After graduating from a prestigious art institute in Moscow, Slava Roubanov immigrated to the U.S. in the early '90s, and since, he's made quite a name for himself amongst the art scene as an artist drafter and designer. I’m absolutely smitten with his mixed-media compositions on paper!


And with today’s design trends evolving into a more collected, rather than decorated, aesthetic, Roubanov’s stunning works are perfectly suited for a collective art wall—which is a gallery-like arrangement of various art images, each independently framed. These images can range from canvas to paper, photographs to objects... to whatever speaks to you! Layering a wide variety of pieces can create a beautifully curated art installation teeming with profound interest. And just look at my favorite Roubanov works above—wouldn’t they be a gorgeous addition to such an art wall?!