Worth His Salt?

Cortney Bishop

My fascination with artwork means I’m always on the hunt for incredible talent. Art is so personal—it absolutely must speak to you! To say that I am blown away by the works of the renowned salt artist, Motoi Yamamoto, is a complete understatement. The intricate, massive patterns he’s able to envision and create from such a fine, delicate material is astounding. His massive installations take the form of mysterious, complicated labyrinths that convey intense beauty and tranquility, and I’m entirely in awe over the amount of concentration, skill, and time it takes for Yamamoto to build such unbelievable artistry. His saltworks certainly speak to me! 


And, what’s more, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is kicking off the upcoming Spoleto festival with an exhibit of Yamamoto’s newest saltwork installations! Return to the Sea: Saltworks premiers tonight, May 24, and will be open until the public dismantling on July 7—a ceremonial closing that’s integral to each of Yamamoto’s saltwork exhibits. You absolutely cannot miss this incredible show!! 


For more information regarding Yamamoto’s exhibit, visit http://www.halsey.cofc.edu/.