Vintage Kitchen Covet

Cortney Bishop

Kitchen design trends are ever-evolving, but I'm loving the idea of breaking the formal, modern streak with an eclectic, color-filled space that's brimming with warm personality. Retro reproduction appliances (like AGA Stoves and Smeg refrigerators) are not only insanely cool, but they provide the perfect opportunity to brighten up the kitchen and create fun accents, as the color options are endless! Check out the above images. How great is that citrus-hued Smeg refrigerator? It totally amps up that black-and-white kitchen design to a whole new level. And the bright red refrigerator is fantastic paired with the matte finish of the chalkboard wall! Not only is it totally inspiring, but it's family-friendly and completely out-of-the norm. Take a cue from these eclectic, retro-inspired kitchens... and have a little fun with it. Your next dinner party will thank you!