James Island author, photographer earns GOLD for book on local food producers.

When someone is rude to a server, I squirm... don't you? Here are a few tips on how to show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T to your friends in the service industry.

Chef Jamie Lynch on Being a Contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef Season 14, Building an Empire and Finding a Balance

Pokemon or Batman, don't we all just want a little summer fun.

This year's 10th Annual Wine + Food Festival was a celebration of Charleston's rich culinary history, its international notoriety, and its progressive future. Saltwater Chef was there to get a finger on the pulse of the festivities.

Happy Independence Day from Grit! And hey, if that calls for a drink, break out the cocktail shakers—we've got delish chilly recipes to stir things up. Huck Finn anyone?

Kevin Johnson, Charlotte Jenkins, Nathalie Dupree, and a round-up of tweets. Plus, does it matter whether her Southern cooking passes muster or not?

Lately I've been taken by the traditional black and white checkboard pattern—it's simple, stunning, and dramatic. Read on for how to take the look from the halls of Versailles to a floor near you

You're going to want these kitchens—here are a few designers (Katie Ridder, Tom Scheerer, Anna Spiro...) who've taken tile beyond the backsplash and redefined the best room in the house

Here's what Julia Child said to me at a food and wine festival (circa late 1980s) about how to go about becoming a food writer, and a peek at the famed French kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu

Should you play at a big-name, cavernous venue like this if you can't draw the crowd, or are you better off at the Tin Roof with a couple dozen devoted fans? Here's what happened (and my answer)...

Let's take a quick breather from ultra modern cook spaces to pay homage to fun, funky retro warmth (and the WOW appliances that anchor these rooms)

My granddaughters' fast-food, fast-pace habits face down a little home cooking and slow drives through the country

Sure, in today's world we can find good-quality "stocks in a box" and gourmet quality demi-glace, but nothing replaces the slow, steady, fragrant simmer of a homemade stock

I woke up early yesterday morning. Maybe it was a bit of restlessness that got me up at first light. A dream that rocked me from sleep. Or maybe it was the bat in my hair...

Her latest collection from local firm Ro Sham Beaux kills it—it's colorful, creative, and goes where most lighting doesn't dare: it includes SMART kids' pieces (Hootie's the bomb)

As The BB&T Food & Wine Festival is about to kick off its 7th festival, author Holly Herrick reflects on memories of festivals past, even as she looks forward to the next delicious event, 3/1-3/4

A round-up of my favorite local dishes of the year, from perfect panna cotta to the hands-down best burger in town