Charleston Fashion Week Recap

This year, digital director Rory Gruler made some changes to her CFW routine, and voila—her best Charleston Fashion Week ever!

Every March, Charleston Fashion Week creeps up on me. It is, by far, the busiest work week of the year for me and in the past, I forget to eat, never get enough sleep and often wake up with a hangover. I decided that after six years of working the event, I would change all of that and approach this week differently. This year, I ate like Top Chef judge, got eight hours of sleep every night, and traded out my champagne for coffee. The result... My best year yet!

Yummy Tuesday lunch at The Park Cafe.
Lunch with my bestie, Caitlin Pape of rose + twill.
When you find a good stylist, you keep her... Almost a decade of great hair with Alicia at Swish.
Makeup by Katie Shayda of KS Luxe.
Tuesday night backstage with Emerging Designer 2014 winner, Anna Toth of Bow and Arrow Apparel.
Anna Toth of Bow and Arrow Apparel.
Tuesday night front row with my intern, Lindsay DeTroia.
Tuesday night Charleston Grit video confessional with editor-in-chief Jessie Parks and comedian Jeremy McLellan.
Wednesday lunch at Callies Hot Little Biscuit.
Callies Hot Little Biscuit
Macaroon Boutique
Look who I ran into walking down King street?
Thursday lunch with my work sister Misty Lister at Leons.
Wednesday and Thursday are my busiest days and require me to be in front of my computer, so I couldn't go to the tents. Instead, I worked from my sister's house with my nephew Henry.
Henry took this photo.
Good thing I wasn't at the tents on Thursday... I was sad to miss Trina Turk's show, but I got to witness Henry's first steps. HE WALKED!!!
"You're Fired!"
Thursday night  I was able to wear on of Anna's garments that walked the runway on Tuesday.
Thursday night outside of the Charleston Grit video confessional.
Front row with Jessie.
Saturday afternoon trunk show at One Love Designs.
Saturday afternoon trunk show at One Love Designs.
This is what happens when you ask Seth to take a photo. First he takes a ridiculous photo of himself...
Then Seth takes a ridiculous photo of you...
The husband made is Charleston Fashion Week appearance.
Early dinner at Warehouse.
Jessie and I hit the runway. Photo by Jballiet
Photo by Jballiet
Hanging out in the Gwynn's VIP tent with Julie Wheat of Cavortress. I am wearing one of her vintage treasures... a 1960s Lord & Taylor jumpsuit.

Watching the finale with my friend and coworker, Rachel Cope.
THAT'S A WRAP! Hitting the red carpet with Lindsay and Rachel.
Sunday morning Brunch. I just had to eat at The Park Cafe... again!
The Park Cafe
Home sweet home...