Blossom Continues to Blossom

Blossom Continues to Blossom

When it comes to Happy Hour spots, typically East Bay isn’t on my radar. But, Blossom is an exception!

When it comes to Happy Hour spots, typically East Bay isn’t on my radar. When I think about venturing to East Bay, it’s usually for a decent, sit-down dinner, or to grab a drink at Vendue. However, this past Friday, I was looking to do something new, so I ventured down to East Bay and stopped in at Blossom for Happy Hour. (The only other time I had been to Blossom was the day I got engaged. My husband (then fiancé) planned a surprise lunch there with friends and family).



We arrived and sat at a two-top next to the bar. There was a decent crowd at the bar, but you could tell the dinner crowd had yet to arrive. Their happy hour specials were great. I started with their $5 house wine and my husband got their $3 Blossom Brew. The beer was very similar to most American Lagers. We ordered the Bacon Dip to start with. I was intrigued with the Bacon Dip because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it on a menu. My Mother-in-Law always makes her bacon dip when we come to visit. It is my absolute favorite. The recipe is so simple, that it is my typical dip that I bring along to tailgates and parties. I will say the Bacon Dip at Blossom definitely rivaled my Mother-in-Laws. It was so good, that I could literally just eat it by the spoonful.



We then ordered the ceviche. I’ll admit, I’m not a ceviche aficionado. (I couldn’t tell you if I’ve ever eaten ceviche prior to this). The fish in the ceviche was a swordfish. The ceviche was amazing! It tasted like a fresh, salsa, with a good hint of lime juice. My husband, who is a South Florida native (where ceviche is plentiful) said it was some of the best ceviches he’s had.



After ordering another drink and deciding that we had room for one more appetizer, we ordered some of their oysters, which were on their happy hour menu. The oysters were $1.75 a piece and had a great flavor for the price. They were very fresh, not very gritty, and didn’t taste like a cheap oyster.


The service at Blossom was great. The food was so filling that we were able to make dinner out of three appetizers. After finishing up at Blossom, we had an early nightcap at Carmella’s and enjoyed a Tiramisu boozy milkshake.


**Oh and another great perk of Blossom is the free parking in their lot. I mean that’s worth the trip to East Bay alone!