The Best Deals In Charleston's Restaurants: Wednesday.

Diana Barton


The Cocktail Club Bourbon Happy Hour


Wednesday, hump day, whatever you want to call it, it’s the toughest day of the week. The weekend’s not quite here but it feels like you’ve already done too much. Come relax and unwind at The Cocktail Club for Bourbon Happy Hour. 


Low lighting, exposed brick, and live music are the cure for all of my Wednesday blues. A seat at the bar (noticing a trend here?) seems like the ideal place to park it, and enjoy a bourbon-based cocktail crafted by none other than my favorite bartenders in the city. 


Man of the hour. 


Whiskey certainly soothes the soul, and The Cocktail Club makes it easy on your wallet by offering their best bourbons for just five dollars a pop. For those of you like myself who need a little something extra to enjoy their liquor, The Club offers cocktails featuring fine liquor based on that five dollar price such as the Manhattan and Old Fashioned for just 8 dollars. If you’ve read either of my previous posts this week, you won’t be surprised to learn that I ordered both (to share with a friend, of course). 



City slicker. 

The Manhattan is a drink of sophistication and simplicity made only of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. The list of fine bourbons is a little intimidating to a girl who grew up in Tennessee where Jack Daniels reigns, so I look to my trusty bartender for a recommendation. Four Roses bourbon makes the cut and has a perfectly smooth flavor, making the Manhattan go down easy. 



Short and sweet.

The Old Fashioned: sugar, bitters, citrus, and whiskey. Just holding the short, stout glass makes me feel like I’m in an episode of Mad Men. It may be sweet, but the bourbon is not to be missed. The liquor gives it a strong flavor, and the sugar cuts it just right so the drink is smooth and rich. The perfect concoction to soothe the soul in the middle of a seemingly never-ending week. 



You didn’t think I could walk into The Cocktail Club, and just order drinks did you? Although it’s not on the happy hour menu, the tasty fare at this restaurant comes with reasonable prices and satisfying portion sizes. 


Bacon Fat Spiced Popcorn can't be skipped when ordering a complementary snack to go with your bourbon. Bacon fat and the same spices used to cure the bacon, such as smoked paprika and brown sugar, go into this addictive dish. This mountain of savory popcorn is best shared with a friend. 



The bruschetta offerings at The Club are anything but boring, with options like creamy goat cheese, paired homemade pepper jam and thinly sliced mortadella. Insider tip: Try the mortadella on top of the cheese and jam for a filling and delicious snack. 




Bourbon Happy Hour falls right around dinner time, and lucky for us this establishment, not only serves delectable bar food, they have an array of sandwich offerings suited to serve as dinner (or shared as a snack). My suggestion; try the homemade Nutella and pear sandwich or the grilled cheese. 


Wednesday 5-8 pm