The Best Deals In Charleston's Restaurants: Monday

Just like we promised last week, our guest blogger gives us a play by play of the best bang for your buck each day at downtown restaurants. Here's our first of the series, and it might surprise you.


Cypress Five-Dollar Burgers


Ah, Cypress on a Monday night. What could be better? I walk into the swank establishment feeling fancy and fabulous. My bubble is quickly burst, however, when I am hastily shooed to a different part of the restaurant. “Oh you’re here for five-dollar burgers? That’s upstairs.” I guess I won’t be spending my evening rubbing elbows and clinking glasses with Charleston’s finest. Their loss. My disappointment is soon forgotten as I walk up to find myself face-to-face with a three-story wine wall. You read that right folks, a triple-decker wall of vino just waiting to be conquered. Feeling inspired, I take a seat at the bar, order a glass of syrah, and take in my surroundings.

What it’s like. 


Tall windows facing East Bay Street let natural light wash over the room and give views of palm trees and beautiful skies. Everything about the room is lush, from the sheer drapes throughout the room to the oh-so-comfortable plush chairs and booths. The room is crowded but not loud, keeping the fine dining feeling alive despite the fact that everyone is getting a total steal on some top-notch fare. 


Some good eggs.


For just 75 cents apiece, I enjoy two lovely pimento deviled eggs. A refreshing snack, these are an ideal appetizer and sit nicely on the palate as something small to tide me over while I wait for the main attraction. 



The good stuff. 


After glancing at the menu I know exactly what I want: the Wood Grilled Burger. Pimento cheese, butter lettuce, and a yeast roll all sound incredibly enticing, but I am sold when I read the burger will be smeared with bacon jam. Bacon jam. How could I have gone my whole life without experiencing the smoky goodness that makes a beef patty on a bun complete? The meat-flavored jam makes the burger, and the creamy pimento cheese on top just creates more savory goodness. And it is only five dollars. The best thing about burgers at Cypress: you don’t get short changed. The patties are big, and somehow manage to be the exact same shape and size as the bun, leaving no room for those dreaded bread-only bites. 



Skip the fries. 


Believe me. The fries are great and all, but they are mediocre and boring compared to the fried mac n’ cheese. Two cakes of fried, crispy, pasta noodle goodness topped with even more cheese…what could be better? This three-dollar side is worth every penny, and if you’re (God forbid) too full to finish them, they fare well as leftovers and can be boxed up to take home. 


Only on Monday.