Reckless Starts Filming Today: Are They Looking For YOU?

According to their Facebook page, the producers are in need of some very specific locals (and their dumpy old cars?). Here's a peek at where they'll be and who they want to hire...

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Reckless began filming this week—they're reportedly starting up at White Point Gardens today around 9 a.m., then eventually working their way up Church Street.


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Grit's own Ayoka Lucas, in fact, was snagged for a gig in the costuming department.




In the meantime, if you've got time on your hands, the Reckless Extras Facebook page is where you need to be. Have you checked it out yet? They're always posting new and—as you might expect—highly specific casting calls. Here's a few fun ones:


"Reckless" actors Cam Gigandet, Anna Wood and Adam Rodriguez, CBS


Looking for Caucasian Male 35-50 to play a roly poly workmen (think on the lines of Norm from Cheers). We have a scene that is calling for a gentleman to be working on a building and while working he has to show a little plumbers crack. At the moment this role works on Wed July 31st so must be available for the day and the pay is a guaranteed $58/8hr. If available, interested and willing to show some plumbers crack and you fit the description please send recent full length photo and headshot photo with name, age, wardrobe sizes and contact information to SUBJECT-PLUMBER. 


Looking for Caucasian or Hispanic males 45-75 years of age who drive a car older than model year 1998. Dents are a plus! No red, white or yellow vehicles. This works on Friday, August 2 and if chosen you must be available all day. Standard rate, plus car bump. 


Looking for 2 Caucasian Male 25-35 yrs old who look like rough and tough biker dudes to work Thursday Aug 1st for what could be a 12+ hour day and could start as early as 530 AM. The pay is a guaranteed $58/8 and time and a half after 8 hr. If available and interested and you meet the above requirements please email recent photo, name, contact information, location to SUBJECT: BIKER. Also, if you haven't already, please visit and register with our online extras database


{ And hey... if you get called in to be an extra, give us a shout ( We'd love to publish a good guest blog about the action on set. }