When The World Hands You Mud...

Andrew C. Petersen

Yes, my darlings, it is true. I was dumped today. And by text, if you can believe. Tragic right? Well what would be even more tragic is if I let my physical and emotional well-being suffer. I may feel like I have been hit by a bus but I am certainly not going to allow myself to look that way. That would be the true tragedy.


It's times like this when you have to really dig deep and take care of yourself. Nothing says “I love me” more than taking a hot, relaxing bath complete with a little of your favorite bubble bath soap or cream. Don't stew in the past or in someone else's bad behavior—bask in a concoction of hot water, a smidge of bubbles, and your favorite scent. My favorite is anything from Laura Mercier’s decadent Patisserie line, which is reminiscent of delving into a French bakery, minus the calories. Let go of the past and, with your loofah in hand, scrub away the memories, the dirt, and the oils of the day. Exfoliate the skin with a fabulous scrub like Deep Steep and it will be like starting over in both a physical and mental way. Scrub it away... Get rid of it, honey. There is more than just a layer of dead skin going down the drain today. 



Invigorated and fresh, it is now time to indulge in a luxurious mask. Go for it!! If you do not take care of yourself, who will? I absolutely adore Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel. It removes a layer of dull skin and makes you look a decade younger—seriously. It peels away the sin of the sun and any other damage we have done to our skin... If only we could get it to peel away the memories of love lost, we would really be on to something, but spoiling yourself will certainly help!! I already feel better and I am just writing this!



Next, hydrate, rebuild, repair, and nourish the skin and the soul with a mask to activate and regenerate the cells. I adore any mask that moisturizes and recharges, whether it's been purchased at a drug store or a fine department store. One of my favorites is Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque. Apply it liberally to the skin and leave on for ten minutes. Take this time to think about how much better off you are because you, my dear, and I are the true treasures here. This pampering is just a way of saying "thank you" to us for being who we are and giving a nod to the fact that we know life goes on!



Congratulations, honey, you have taken the first steps to a new you and so have I. Life can get you down and people can hurt you, but at the end of the day, we ultimately control our destiny, and it will always start with how we react to a situation. I say, when the world hands you mud, put it on your face and clear the debris of life along with your pores.