Valentine's Day... or Not

Valentine's Day... or Not

As the rest of the world finds new ways to twist, turn, and stretch Cupid, 3 Grit bloggers ring in the holiday with alternatives for saccharine sweet everything. Can't promise they're romantic..

Claire O'Bryan of Heavy on the Veggie on Valentine's Day: It's stupid. Instead, I recommend everyone watch comedian Jim Gaffigan's 45-minute special, Mr. Universe. He will renew your faith in stand-up comedians, and make you realize that eight expletives in a row isn't nearly as funny as a 10-minute rant about McDonald's.Or working out. Or homebirth. I could go on and on. You can buy it online for five dollars or watch it on Netflix. Here's a sample:



Tim Brennan of SoundCheck on dating a musician: Be careful about messing with a songwriter—this advice is good for any day of the year. He has the microphone and the audience. You only have your girlfriends. Whatever you do could be sung from stages all over town, put on CDs sold at shows all over the region, and included in videos seen all over the internet. You could be the inspiration for a hit song—good or bad. Like a track I heard this weekend from Luke Cunningham: "You're not hot enough to be this crazy". My advice if you're dating a band member: build up some good vibes and buy him a nice bit of gear. A vintage Telecaster would be a good way to inspire thankful and loving lyrics. Hey, maybe you could be the "Beth", as in the Kiss ballad. 


Joan McDonald of Front Yard to Table on helpful break-up tools: If you know it's over, and are maybe tired of trying to use more words to say it, maybe get creative? Here's a couple of out-of-the-box options to help make your point:   



A break-up catus. The above literally is marketed with the words "Calling it Quits? Special Offer for Broken Hearts." 



Speaking of hilarious marketing, this next one is your handy "Low-Budget Break-Up" Option: "Slightly smaller than our other break-up gifts, your message will still be piercingly clear." Both available through 



Or.... Break-Up cupcakes




Per Joan: "They look great as a table centerpiece for a more subtle delivery...." Adorable. Available locally at Jestines Sweetshop, 54 Wentworth Street, (843) 720-7437