There's No Place Like Charleston: Mystery Poster Explained

Suzelle Santos



If you’ve been wondering what that poster hung outside Jacks Café is all about… I found out for you.

(c) Jeff Fitzharris. All Rights Reserved.
(c) Jeff Fitzharris. All Rights Reserved.

Professional painter Jeff Fitzharris is using his skills to start a new movement that might actually state the obvious: There’s no place like Charleston.


The statement comes in the form of a whimsical mixed-media painting, and it’s the perfect thing to walk by after a night of partying on King Street.


Part paint and part Photoshop, the Wizard-of-Oz-themed work of art is said to come to life when seen through old-school anaglyph glasses. “The buildings are pulled out of an old postcard,” Fitzharris adds.


The artist says he came up with the piece as part of a T-shirt idea when his niece inspired him to take it a few steps further. She might not look like it, he says, but she has autism.


The artist wanted to find a way to help those like his niece get training for the workplace. “Each T-shirt is made by someone with autism,” says Fitzharrris. The money goes toward their paychecks, while 10 percent benefits the Charleston Autism Academy.


The artist says his initiative was made a reality when an anonymous donor wrote a $5,000 check for T-shirt making equipment.


Purchase a T-shirt or a copy of the painting like I did for daily reminders that No. 1, there’s no place like Charleston, and No. 2, you might want to keep an eye on what Jeff Fitzharris does next. Like There's No Place Like Charleston on Facebook for updates.