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Don't give these...just don't

The Wrong People Are Sorry

Zack Mills watches local and regional comedians take off their clothes and proceeds to laugh—a lot.

Artist Jeff Fitzharris's latest initiate gives back to the local autism community.

Think before you judge—or better yet, don't do it at all, said Rebeccah this week in "5 Things I Never Want to Hear Again." Amen, sister...

"Mommy Wars," "Having it All," the trendy new definition of a "Real" Woman... Here's a list of ridiculous things about parenting and well, LIVING, that ought to be chucked from everyday discourse

Hiding from conflict at work, home, or anywhere isn't the answer, nor is expecting perpetual peace. Believe it or not, you can be good at dealing with the difficult. Here's five tips

I'm tired of power getting a bad rap. And of the idea that nice women don't play with power. Yes they do. Here are three more incorrect notions women have about power, plus how to get over them

Are bald fellows better leaders? A new study on unconscious bias shows that many people, based on looks alone, think so, revealing the unsettling truth—we all use stereotypes, all the time

Okay (gulp) we admit it... we women can get a little competitive. This Grit gal turned the spotlight on high, handed us a mirror, and said, "Hey! Cut. It. Out."

Turns out those Gossip Girls are more realistic than the Ya-Yas or Traveling Pant sisters. Ladies: are you steamrolling your fellow females?

Though I'm fairly certain this piece will get me fired from Grit (and my wife has advised strongly against it), here it is... Six real-clear thoughts on breast-feeding in today's culture

Tips and guidelines to help art collectors of all levels select the right frame

Looking for a little mid-week workday inspiration? Read a former Fortune 100 VP's stirring speech from the recent Charleston Regional Business Journal 
Influential Women in Business Luncheon

Mindless mantras beat out fridge magnet philosophies when life doesn't make sense...

In the search for your next superstar employee, which reigns supreme: experience or attitude? HR veteran Pat Eardley weighs in on finding talent for the long haul