There's a New Biscuit in Town and It's Vicious

Kasey Baltz

Image courtesy of Vicious Biscuit

The city's biggest biscuits are here and they're mighty vicious. What used to be known as the former Boulevard Diner in Mount Pleasant, Vicious Biscuit, is a Southern-raised family business that serves authentic Southern breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

“No one is doing big, hearty biscuits," co-owner Josh Lambert says. "Vicious Biscuit is the more in-your-face comfort food type of biscuit.” The bigger the better approach is apparent in their ‘The Vicious’ signature biscuit, which includes their cheddar and jalapeño biscuit topped with all-natural antibiotic-free crispy chicken breast, Storey Farms signature house-made maple sausage gravy, house-made cowboy candy and maple syrup drizzle. YUM!

Not only are these biscuits delicious but also made with care. Vicious Biscuit focuses on local products and use all-natural antibiotic-free chicken as well as Storey Farms free-range eggs. The jams, butter, and biscuits are all made fresh daily. Yum!

This is not only a perfect place to ‘pig-out’ but also can serve as a place for a casual bite to eat. They have a ‘Vicious Biscuit’ menu and a ‘Not So Vicious’ menu, which serves salads, yogurt, oatmeal, and gluten-free options. They serve local coffee from Bootleggers as well as alcoholic beverages (Bloody Mary, Vi’Mosa) to spice up any afternoon. 

Sound like the place for you? Follow them on Instagram to see more of their Insta-worthy grub. @visciousbiscuits