Surprising Finds on Aisle 6

Evans Craddock


I went to the grocery store after work the other day and spent a few minutes in the laundry aisle. One minute I was searching for detergent and the next minute I was a part of one of the biggest hugs I’ve been a part of.


It was from a former coworker. She’s a mother and entrepreneur and has an amazing haircut and somehow manages to walk gracefully on Charleston’s cobblestone sidewalks in heels. Added bonus: she’s genuine and lovely. She’s one of those women who looks like they always have it together.


Anyway, so we hugged near the Tide for a moment and when I looked up her face was covered in tears. Those big tears that remind you of raindrops. She started to laugh nervously and I looked at her and said not to worry because I cry in grocery stores all the time. (This actually isn’t that big of a lie considering that I always grocery shop when I’m hungry which almost always results I’m a complete and total meltdown.)


We hugged again and I offered her some water and she looked at me and said it was just a hard week and it was nice to see a happy face.


We agreed to get dinner soon and she dried her tears and I picked out some laundry detergent that supposedly smells like spring in the mountains.


On the way home I couldn’t help but replay that scene over and over. Haven’t we all been there? Trying our hardest to keep it together and then in walks a familiar face and suddenly you’re all waterworks at 3 p.m. on a Saturday.


In a strange way, I felt thankful for that moment. It reminded me of all the times I’ve been lucky enough to have someone walk down the laundry aisle when I was a mess. That’s a feeling worth being thankful for.